Monday, February 6, 2023

A Little Quilting Progress and A Lot of Cooking

Hello Happy Quilters!  There's not a lot to share with you today but there has been a little progress this past weekend.  Most of my time has been spent doing those nasty little chores we put off in order to spend time doing what we want to do instead of what needs/should to be done.  Total time in the Studio was about 4 hours over the weekend.  Not much time but there was a lot accomplished in so little time.   The Amour de Cherise quilt is coming along.  Not sure I'm in love with the quilting but at least it's being quilted.  Hopefully I can quilt a row or two of blocks a day.  The goal is at least one row per day.  Anything over that calls for a celebration.

The cheap front porch quilts are slowly progressing as well.  What great little project to get me off my feet for a bit.  Both quilts were cut and pieced at the same time.

Today I hope to get these pressed and subcut into rows.  I think I'll do this before quilting on the frame.  Then I'll choose my next UFO to be put on the frame.  Maybe something springy or that would fit in with an upcoming holiday.  I'm sure it will be a digging through the quilt tops rabbit hole that may take much longer than what my mind thinks.  Maybe I should just close my eyes and grab one.  I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

In between the sweeping, dusty and other nasty chores I also did a lot of cooking.   The way to Mr. Podunk's heart is through his stomach.   We are not big fans of convivence foods like premade meals, you know frozen foods and such.  The occasional can of soup is about as wild as it gets.  So I made him some breakfast burritos for a grab and go breakfast.  A quick chicken salad to work into the mix of leftovers he normally takes for lunch.  And I also made the weekly homemade pizza.  Mr. Podunk wants pizza every week!  He said I just need to keep a batch of dough on hand at all times because it's great for pizza and for baguettes.  It is the best pizza dough I've ever made.  Wish I had known about this pizza dough back in the day when I actually ate pizza.  Yes dear friends I don't eat pizza due to allergies.  It makes me swell up like a bullfrog.  Every once in awhile, like this weekend, I ate a 2" piece of pizza.  By the next morning I had gained 1.5 lbs. in inflammation and my joints were not happy.  Was it worth it?  YES!   Delicious!  But I won't be having anymore for awhile.

If you would like the recipe you can find it in this video.

The second part of this video can be found below.  I know 2 videos seems like a bit much but it's worth it, I promise.  You really only need to watch the first few minutes of this video where he shows you how to form the pizza.  If you don't have a pizza oven or pizza stone you can bake at the highest temperature on your oven on a cookie sheet  bottom rack until done.  You might need to broil on the top rack to brown the top.  I do not need to broil the pizza in my oven.  My oven goes to 500 and it takes about 12 to 14 minutes to cook the pizza.

Until next time...

I hope you find time to stitch up something sweet!

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  1. Your quilting is beautiful! Thank you for the pizza dough video. I haven't found a good one yet, so may give this a try.

  2. My husband was just asking me about trying homemade pizza the other day. How awful for you that you don’t get to enjoy eating it anymore! But your quilting on Amour de Cerises looks great; I bet it will grow on you and you’ll love it once you pull the finished quilt off your frame and see the whole thing all at once.


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