Friday, February 3, 2023

Reading Pillows for the Grands

 The reading pillows are finished and ready to ship.  Of course grannie had to add a few more items to the mix. The candy, meat sticks and small stuffed animals were purchased at the Dollar general.  The books are a mix of new and used.  I'm always on the lookout for kids books to help my daughter build a good library for homeschool.

The pattern I used to make the pillows is from a YouTube video, you can find by clicking here.  They were simple and quick to make. I'm not completely happy with the look of the finished pillows and it has nothing to do with the pattern.  

The pattern calls for a 16" pillow form.  The ones I purchased from Hobby Lobby didn't fill my pillows as much as I would like.  Maybe it just a personal preference.  I like heavily stuffed pillows.  But I don't think the grandkids care about the perfect amount of pillow stuffing.

Both of the girls like unicorns and rainbows but when it comes to color their tastes are a little different.  My granddaughter Alynn loves any shade of blue. She a lot like me, a little bit of a Tom Boy.

Scarlet is 100% girly girl.  She loves Barbie pink and purple. This fabric was perfect for little Prissy Missy.  At 6 yrs old she has to do her hair and makeup everyday.  The make is basically lip gloss and blush, sometime some little girl eye shadow.

I think she's going to love the glittered hooves.

My grandson, Mason is 4 and is all about dinosaurs.  And much to my surprise he can name them all.  Some I've never heard of before.

Here's the gang from left to right...Alynn, Scarlet and Mason. This was taken on a homeschool field trip to The Lost River Cave Butterfly Habitat in Kentucky.  I'm really proud of my daughter for homeschooling the kids.  

Until next time...

I hope you find time to stitch up something sweet!

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  1. I usually go up a size for pillow forms. The pillow I made for my niece was a little over18x18 so I bought 20x20. It was a cheapy insert from Hobby Lobby so not very fluffy. She was still happy with it. Your grands are so cute.

    1. I do the same, up size. I just wasn't thinking and bought what the pattern said to buy.

  2. Yr grands are too adorable!! Great gift for young kids too!! Yr pillows are too sweet and look great. I know yr gkids w love them from you. I think it's great yr daughter is home schooling. She's one of many who doesn't like what they are teaching our kids in school !! Great momma.

    1. Thank you, that's exactly why she home schools. I was concerned at first because she has no experience in homeschooling. She assured me it would be fine and she would rather they have morals and values. I have to admit I agree.

  3. What wonderful pillows. I find that the pillow forms are NOT the size as stated on the package. My SIL and I measured at several stores and found they were smaller than stated, so I up-size as well.

  4. Cute grandkids! The reading pillows are great and perfect for homeschoolers. I homeschooled my 2 kids through elementary school and then my daughter wanted to go ton middle school. My son was lonely that year and asked to go to school the next year, he would have been in his last year in elementary and I knew he would have been too bored there. So he was tested and the principal talked to him to see if he would be a good fit for middle school. He was reading at 9th grade level in the 5th grade and doing math at a high school level and was confidant and so they let him skip to middle school. It was a good move for him because he was always around kids that were older than he was anyhow. I think by homeschooling them first, they really became such good human beings, kind and gentle and sweet and still are! I am proud of them both. And I too size up the pillow forms, lol!

  5. The reading pillows are adorable, I'm sure they will be well loved! Reading is such an important skill, and a wonderful pastime. I'm thankful my parents encouraged a love of reading in our family: I will never be bored as long as I have books around, lol. I wish I could have homeschooled my son, but I was one of his teachers in high school at least (I took a several year hiatus from my software job to teach high school math). I don't make a lot of pillows, but I started using old bed pillows to make my own pillow forms. We had so many old ones that were kind of flat, but the stuffing worked great for couch pillows :-)


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