Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Blog Hop ~ Rose Colored Glasses

 Hello Quilty Friends!  Today I'll be sharing with you several different quilts I've made over the years using pinks and rose.   Plus I'll be sharing my most recent finished from a couple weeks ago.   I love pink! What little girl doesn't?  Yes, there's still a little girl hiding inside of me that loves to play with color.

This first quilt is called Turnabout Tulips, designed by me.

All the that white space needed a little extra quilting to make her extra special.  This is one I kept for myself.  All of the other rose and pinks quilts I've made have been gifted.

I used to make at least one pink quilt a year and donate it to someone I knew battling breast cancer.   It all started with the quilt below.  The pattern came from the Quilters Cache Website.  If I remember correctly, I changed the pattern a little bit.  It was gifted to one of my mom's co-workers way back in 2009.   Back in those days I wasn't good about remembering to take pictures of my quilts when finished so I didn't get a picture of it quilted.

The next one was drafted in EQ8 after seeing a picture of the quilt online.  I called it "Spinning Into the Pink".  It was gifted to my moms friend who battled cancer 3 times and won!  

Mom was a hair dresser.  When her friends hair started to fall out she asked mom to use clippers to shave it off.   Mom had no clippers but she knew I had a pair I used to cut my two sons hair.  So mom asked me if I would be willing to shave off her friends hair.  I was nervous but agreed.  It was not at all what I expect.  I expected to see a sickly, crying and depressed woman.  But she was quite the opposite.  We formed a bond and I became her official head shaver with each battle. 

This last breast cancer quilt was made was for my sister in law.  She too has been battling cancer for many years and doing very well.  For this quilt I wanted to keep it simple but add a touch of  Rose applique for the WOW factor.  This may seam a little silly but I did a little research on colors.  Supposedly colors can have healing powers.  So I pulled colors from my stash that were thought have the greatest and best effect on breast cancer patients.  We just never know what can or will make a difference.  I like to think my quilt worked some magic.

The final quilt is not a breast cancer quilt.  It is my latest finish for me.  A simple gingham quilt.  

The scraps from the quilt top are used to make a scrappy backing.

The quilting is quick and easy.

I didn't go to any big efforts to make a label since it may not survive months, weeks or years of weather.

The plan has been to make a different colored gingham quilt every month.  So far this year I've made four.

And I  have another one cut and partially pieced.

As with most quilters, I have more ideas than time so my plan has been derailed just a tad.  But after I finish my latest project, it'll be full steam ahead on my 2023 goal of finishing UFO's and making a Gingham Porch quilt each month.   The pattern I'm using for the gingham quilt is a free pattern and can be found here.

Thank you stopping by my little spot in Podunk during the Rose Colored Glasses Blog Hop!  You're welcome to stop by anytime.   You might want to bring a cup of something to sip on when you visit because I can be a little chatty.  I also want to thank Carol over at Just Let Me Quilt for hosting this blog hop.  

For more Rosey ideas and blog hopping fun, visit the blogs below.  

Until next time...

I hope you find time to stitch up something sweet!

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  1. Lots of beautiful pink eye candy! But I really do like Turnabout Tulips! I'm glad you kept it for yourself! :-)

  2. All beautiful quilts. Turnabout Tulips is is my favorite one.

  3. They are all so pretty that I can't pick a favorite!

  4. I loved your post! Turnabout Tulips is so pretty, such a beautiful design. Thank you for the links to the breast cancer quilt and to the gingham quilts. You do such beautiful work - I love pinks too!
    I knew some Brummetts in my childhood home in Oklahoma!

  5. Beautiful quilts! I really love the ginghams.

  6. You can feel the love through each and every one of your cancer support quilts. Oh my goodness that top quilt you designed is stunning and that quilting is incredible. Thanks for the link for the gingham quilt pattern. That would be fun with all my hand dyes! You definitely put the rose in my day!

  7. I love your Pink quilts and the positivity you spread with your Cancer project. The gingham quilts are so cool and I love the idea of making one a month. Thanks for the info on its pattern.

  8. Oh my, such an amazing display of pink quilts...wow! The quilts are beautiful but then your quilting pops them up to a whole new level of gorgeous. You are so ambitious to make a new gingham quilt each month...I love that idea. They are all so pretty! Thank so much for sharing all this rosiness with us today!

  9. All of your quilts are just gorgeous, and your quilting is exquisite, but Turnabout Tulips is by far my favorite! What a beautiful pattern! It's so sweet of you to gift quilts to those battling cancer. One never knows the true impact of the magic of friendship.

  10. I love all your pink quilts!! And that red gingham really caught my eye! Lovely!

  11. Lovely parade of pink quilts. Super idea to use up scraps for a gingham bit of happiness each month.

  12. The gingham quilts are amazing! I love the multiples. I cannot wait to see the yellow one (my favorite color)

  13. All are very beautiful quilts! Interesting about the healing power of colors ... will need to check that out next time l make a quilt for someone. Have a blessed day ... PattiK

  14. Lots of pretty pink quilts to feast our eyes upon. Well done.

  15. gorgeous quilt and exquisite quilting!!! wow!!

  16. All your pink quilts are lovely! I love your gingham quilt projects. How fun to have one in every color.

  17. Thank you for sharing your quilts and I love the pink gingham quilt.


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