Sunday, January 27, 2013

Playing with my new toy

Before I show you my new toy I first want to show you these insanely small applique pieces from Erin Russeks  Jingle BOM.  If your thinking of doing this BOM run to the bathroom and get your tweezers.  
 Ten minutes later and one really hot finger
30 minutes later... One cute little cardinal.... and a peek at my new toy behind my hand!

 This table has went through some changes over the years.  It originally was an 8' long piece of sub flooring with folding table legs(trash digging find)  screwed to the bottom. The sub floorings rough texture is great for holding a quilt backing if your pin basting a quilt.  Later we shortened the table due to it began to sag and was to long for the space I had to work with.  Then last year, my sweetie made a cabinet to go underneath.  Not loving the two toned wood, but not complaining, I'll paint it, who has time to paint when there's quilts to be made!  
And here's my messy work station with my new light box!  I love this!  We ordered a piece of tempered glass for safety reason.  There's vinyl covering the top, this is great for slipping patterns, templates,or instructions for a quilt under.  My cutting mat normally covers the light box.  There's a light switch inside the cabinet!  So handy!  The pressing mat is due for a new cover so don't mind the big ugly brown spot.  I tried washing it, bleaching it, and peroxide but it still looks OOGY until I can get Joanns.  I'm thinking about getting colored canvas this time to help hide the scorching and starch stains.  Anyone else done this?  My biggest fear would be the bleeding of color to my projects.  
 The light on the left is a florescent light and doesn't get very hot, the light on the right is a regular(now illegal to sell or purchase) light bulb that gets very hot.  The one on the right will be replace as soon as I go shopping.  The heat started softening my vinyl and did you know that heat will pull the ink out of a permanent marker, I didn't till last night.  I was using a fine tip, almost dried up Sharpie, if you look close you can see the big globs of ink,  Lesson learned.
Well I'm "Out of my Comfort Zone" on this project
 so until next time 
"Get out of YOURS!"

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