Saturday, January 26, 2013

Nostalgic finish and Baby blues...

Days just seem to fly by.  The studio has been a flurry of loose threads.  And by that I mean I've been pickin and a grinnin!  Yep grinnin, might as well laugh about the pickin of the stitches because crying only makes you feel bad.  Ain't got time for no Baby blues over this little cutie.  So I finished Peggy's baby quilt top, now I'm quilting it, and pickin it.  Twice I've started a border, stood back and thought YUK!  I even did the preview on plastic, and still I pick.  Here's the full shot of the quilt before quilting, I decided to do a flange instead of a scallop.  Now the reason for the pickin is because I wanted to quilt a scallop, it was all down hill from there....

                                          And the lovely picked borders

Now that's not all I've done in the last week.  Finished the Nostalgic quilt, well it still needs a binding. You can find this pattern here.  Or hop over to the designers blog(Lynn Wilder) and give her some quilty love. 
 Getting good pictures indoors is almost impossible.  So I had to go outside.  Its been between 0 and 20 degrees here for a few days, not worth me going outside for pictures.  At last I caved and froze my tale off to get these.  Not the best of pictures but ITS COLD OUT THERE!
 Tried to get a shot as soon as I walked out the door...not real good...
 ...try a different angle maybe that will get the quilting...not good....
Okay I'll go out in the yard just for you here in blogland!  
Until next time "Quilt out of your Comfort Zone!"
(that might include pickin and grinnin!)
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  1. Wow. I always admire the neatness in your work. It's so professional :)

  2. Lea your quilting is incredible! I LOVE IT! Each block is fabulous. Thank you so much for sharing the the cold.....perfect!


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