Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Time for a quicky!

Once again I'm feeling the need for a quicky project that uses up some scraps.  So when Daryl from Patchouli Moon posted pictures of her recent bowl project it gave me an idea and I  grabbed a couple of leftover binding strips.  You can find a tutorial over at CraftSylish for the fabric bowls.
 My stitches are uneven but I don't care.   For my strips I decided to press under a 1/4 seam so I wouldn't get any fraying.
No bowl here, but it sure is a cute little mat/rug thingy.
I got a little carried away and it's way to big for a sewing machine mat I had planned.  Now what to do with my latest creation?
   Or Dinner for one?
The perfect spot!  This should keep that pedal in place.
Could you imagine a large area rug done with scraps?  I wonder just how large a person could go?  Maybe a project that size would need to be stitched by hand? With a little Google power I found a tutorial at a BeautifulMess for a larger rug using a similar method.  Oh maybe someday, today I've quilting to do!

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. Lea Anne I think your little rug is great, especially with your dish setting as it goes beautifully together. I've made small trivets with the coiled fabric and larger table toppers and i tried for making a rug out of scraps, but it got so large under the sewing machine that it would knock into things and eventually started to curl up like a bowl, even though I did try my best to keep it flat. I am now doing a toothbrush rug using scraps. So if you want a scrap rug you might give that a try.It's all done by hand, but very easy to do.

  2. Some Dya I'd love to do a set of placemats like that. Just another thing to add to the list!

  3. what a good way at using up scraps, using it on the floor for the foot pedal yes I need one for that being a tiled floor the pedal slides away all the time, never thought if putting something down to stop it!

  4. That rug is adorable! And perfect under the sewing machine. Absolutely love!

  5. LOVE the rug!!! I have leftover binding that I was wondering what to do with it...great idea :)

    Thanks for the link for the pumpkin table runner. I'm making it this weekend :)

  6. Your rug is very cute and very functional. What a great way to use up scraps.


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