Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Binding and a winner!

The binding is my favorite part of the quilting adventure.  It means that a finish is finally here, which in my case can take forever due to my project hopping.  I've tried several different methods for attaching the binding and I always go back to the the old stand by of machine stitched to the front and hand sewn to the back.  But even after all these years the last seam always gives me trouble.  You know the one I'm talking about, with the two tails sticking out.    If I had a dollar for everytime I had to take out the last seam and restitch I could buy a fat quarter bundle.  For some reason it always ends up to short or to long on the first try.  
So anytime a different tutorial crosses my path for bindings it gets my full attention.   You never know when someone is going to come up with yet another great idea.  While surfing (at 2 A.M.) this morning I stumbled across a new to me blog,  Baltimore Garden Quilts.  Lots of eye candy! And another really good tutorial for binding with a few tips I'll be trying out on the next quilt.
I want to thank everyone who entered the Fall Festival Giveaway.  There were so many responses I couldn't reply to them all.   But I did read them all and I could tell by the responses that most quilters have a great sense of humor.
The winner of the LOL charm pack is
BARBARA WOODS from Wont-to-beQuilter !
Congrats Barbara!, I've sent you an e-mail.

~ Lea Anne ~

Today's freebie from Amanda@JediCraftgirl

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  1. Congratulations to Barbara Woods....I love to get to the binding also. it is such a sense of accomplishment

  2. will pop over and check out the binding tutorial, like you getting it meeting at the end is a bit of a problem for me

  3. Congrats to Barbara. I have a great reference book that I've used for years when I have to sew the ends. It stays out and open to the right page all through the process. So far that's worked for me, but I can see some advantages to what she shows in the tutorial.

  4. I like the binding part too. It just tells you that the quilt is finally finished. For me throwing it in the washer is just as important. I love the smell of a freshly laundered quilt.


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