Thursday, October 30, 2014

Throwback Thursday

 For many years I've been collecting older quilt books.  I'm sure none of you have this obsession(wink wink)  Most of them are from the 80's and 90's so I wouldn't quite call them vintage or collectible.   Every once in awhile I pull out a few of them just to flip pages for inspiration.   As if there isn't enough temptation online.   I've been throwing around a project in my head, a more traditional quilt is needed.  You see my parents have a 50th wedding anniversary coming up in two years, so I thought a special quilt would be the perfect gift.  Well... I better get busy on the quilt.  Starting it early will give me time for my other issue of getting tired of working on the same quilt.  The first pattern that came to mind was the Heart of Roses.  Simple applique with gorgeous quilting, but in true Lea Anne style it needs some tweaking.  Lets pull out more books and see what I can find.
Just a few of my favorites.  
The book below is top of the favorites list.  I became obsessed with finding it a few years back.  Really it wasn't the book but a pattern inside.  Better Homes and Gardens always puts together a great collection and variety of quilts in one book.  Anytime I run into a different volume I snatch it up.
Below is pattern that started the search.  Why?  I've no idea why this quilt draws me in, could it be the colors?  And I haven't made the quilt, but I feel better knowing I have it.   I could have drawn out the applique myself, but NO, I HAD TO HAVE IT!
It's a wonder that the pages are still in tack.  Seriously, I thumb through it at least once a month.  
Here's another one that I think momma would absolutely love just because I do!
After a few books I lost track of my mission, falling into a deep quilty trance.  Mesmerized by all the stunning quilts. (Please tell me you gals do this also) 
Luckily a few good chuckles brought me out of my hypnotic state, or I'd still be ogling the pile of books.
 The Shining Star Quilt book had me rolling on the floor...
 ...with the jigsaw like quilt pieces.  Of course they're to scale for my convenience.  How thoughtful!   Today's quilter is so spoiled with strip piecing, paper piecing, fancy rulers and quick piecing methods.
 The one below really had me rolling.  It should have been called 
"Lessons in drawing".
This could be the reason why quilting had a lull for a few years in the U.S. 
I use graph paper but never for drawing applique.  This book was one of my granny's books that my parents bought for her, why I don't know, she could barely write let alone read at this level.   Who am I to talk, I never use these patterns either, I just look at the pretty pictures.   All that looking and I'm still no closer to a quilt pattern for mom.  Good thing there's plenty of time.  

~ Lea Anne ~

For the last few months I've been putting a free pattern at the bottom of my post.  Today I'm going to mix it up a bit and post a site that has tons of vintage free patterns.  Not just quilt patterns, there's embroidery transfers, crochet and much more.  
French Knots is one of those sites where I can get lost for hours.   Here's a sample of what you'll find.

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  1. I totally agree, Lea Anne! I wanted to quilt back in those early days, but every time I read the instructions I thought "you must be joking!" But it is fun to look at the designs now and think of better ways to do them. :D

  2. You, my dear, are so generous. Thanks for the free patterns site. I hope you find the perfect gift quilt to make for your parents. (You know your parents are going to love any quilt you make for them - you do know that, don't you? Parents are like that.)

  3. That is my favorite quilt book also It stays on the end table because it gets looked at a lot. I would love to make every quilt I in that book! Ok maybe not the Whig's Defeat!

  4. you certainly have lots of inspiration at your finger tips, wonder if you have decide on a design yet. Popped over to French Knots yes I will be calling in again lots to see there

  5. I have a few of the older quilting books. When we lived in Texas, some of the bigger Half Price Books would have a good selection. They can certainly be addictive.


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