Thursday, January 23, 2020

~ One More Christmas Quilt ~

 The light at the end of the tunnel!  This cute little gingerbread man is the last of my Christmas quilts for this year last year.  I thought about moving on and packing these away for later in the year.  But who wants another UFO laying around taking up the much needed space for new fabrics, right!? 😉 So onward with the Christmas sewing.  It feels more like Christmas now that the temperatures have dropped outside and in the Studio...60 degrees in my happy little sewing space...BRRRRR! You gotta love older homes that at one time were equipped with wood stoves.  Thank goodness for space heaters.  Imagine what my fabric would look like with a wood stove in the studio. Well as soon as it warms up in there I'll be working on this yummy little guy and 11 more of his buddies.

Last night I auditioned some buttons and trim.  Now to make the decision of simple or over the top cute by adding trim.  Do I want to do the extra work?  Only time will tell and a test of the trim addition process.

Adding the trim might take a considerable amount of time.  Since I'm doing raw edge applique the cute little trim(found at our local Joann's by the yard) can not be turned under to hide the edges.  To hold the trim in place before stitching and to stop the edges of the cotton trim from unraveling I'll need to secure it with Sew Secure.  Placing the tiny trim is tedious and time consuming.  Not to mention the drying time.  The testing will include a warm iron test to help dry the glue faster.   Sew Secure is a permanent but soft version of Fray Check.  Easy to sew through even by hand.  I've used it for years when doing hand applique.  It's great for those inner points needing to be clipped close to the edge.  However it is no longer being made.  Well I can't find it anywhere. Do you know of another product that is similar to Sew Secure? 

Today I'll also be doing a test on machine stitching these tiny little buttons in place.  I've never used my machine for such tiny buttons.  It'll be a slow test, hand cranking my machine just to make sure it's not going to crash into the buttons.  The tiny red and green buttons were my first choice.  I purchased them at the same time as the cotton ric-rac-ish trim in our local store but they are not in the online store, so the link is to Amazon.  A few days later I stumble upon the adorable heart buttons 💘and other small red buttons on Amazon.  By the way these are just links I get nothing for you clicking or buying.  Anyway...I decided the red and green were out and the Buttons Galore were the way to go.

Now I can't decide if I want to use both or mix them up a bit.  What do you think about the buttons A or B?  Geesh, who knew picking buttons could be so hard?

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Marsha B said...

I like B, those heart buttons are adorable and I like the lace even though it is a lot more work. I have used heart buttons on a lot of my applique quilts so I am partial to them!

PS I won your Christmas Memories Truck pattern a few months ago and I finished the quit to hang up for Christmas. Here is a link to my blog post with a picture. I love the red truck!

e said...

Love your little gingerbread men. Can you share fabric details?

Missy’s Miracle Stitches said...

Love the trim and heart buttons!! I know it’s more work but oh so cute!!!

Beth said...

I'm in the minority--I like the round buttons.

QuiltGranma said...

here you introduced me to a "new product" then tell me that you can no longer find it! AGGH! I wanted to go out and find some! Oh well.

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