Saturday, January 4, 2020

~ Making a Block Lock ~

This weekend I'm kicking back and taking it easy and quilting while binge watching Bloodline on Netflix.  Normally while quilting I like total silence or music.  Time for a little change up in the routine to keep things interesting.  Might as well work out of my comfort zone while I'm in the mood for change.  So with this quilt I decided to make my HST's a little bigger using the Magic 8 method then square them up.  Yes I know last week it's a waste of time so I'm eating a little crow.

Squaring up 300+ HST's is going to take quite a big chunk out of my day.  So to speed things up I made a my own block lock ruler with a 6.5" square up ruler and some Nexcare tape.  I've mentioned this tape several times over the years.  The most recent was here.  Not only is it great job at making the ruler slip resistant it also is preforming pretty well as a block lock.  I put 3 layers of tape on the diagonal line of the ruler.

It locked onto the diagonal seam(pressed to the dark) and was easy to slide the ruler to the 2.5" lines.  A quick trim on 2 sides and I'm ready for the next block. 

After all the HST's are cut to the correct size I'm going back with a pair of scissors and trimming off the little wing left on the opposite corner.

Now only 300+ more to go, that's a lot of Netflix.  Do you watch TV or listen to music while you quilt?  Or do you like total silence?

Lea Anne Brummett

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  1. Great idea with the tape. I have used it on several of my rulers. I like to listen to audio books on my laptop while I sew.

  2. Some one gifted me a set of block lock rulers and I hate them. I find my Olfa squares work best for me - and I am an oversize builder that squares up for more accuracy. I like the old 70s music for regular sewing, but must be an opera when I quilt.

  3. I like to "watch" TV while I sew. But it has to be a DVD of a movie that I have already seen. I find that if the movie is one I haven't seen, I can't pay it enough attention to follow along. I also like make to blocks somewhat bigger and then trim them. A well made HST makes my heart go pitty-pat.

  4. I listen to books that I get from the library. Following a book while doing "mindless" sewing really makes the task easier and I seem to be more productive that way. Our local library has a huge selection of books on "tape/disc" and many of my favorite authors as well. I can't have the TV on, because I stop sewing and watch which totally destroys my rhythm. Music makes me wanna dance, so it is hard to maintain that consistent seam if i'm chair bopping. Books!!!

  5. Im not a multi-tasker, so no TV , listen to music or enjoy the silence.

  6. I love your comment about eating crow! :-) we all have a little slice of that pie once in awhile!! :-D I put that Nexcare tape in my Amazon cart: thanks for the tip! And thank you also for getting back to me about the blade saver thread cutter and getting me the link to their shop: I think it will make great gifts for quilting friends! Good luck on all that squaring up! I hate doing that, but it is worth the time because my HST's always seem to turn out a little wonky: trimming them to the correct size is just the best way for me to get the size right! Have a wonderful week! Hugs, H


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