Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My BIG struggle!

If there's one thing that really gives me trouble its choosing a quilting design.  Most of the time it takes weeks, sometimes months.   That means the tops pile up while I try to decide how to quilt them, taking notes, making templates, marking and remarking before actually stitching.  You see quilting on a frame is new to me.  Four months give or take.  So this simple quilt was supposed to be a quickie and it has stretched out to over a month since I started piecing.  Its been on the frame for 4 days now and this is all I've managed to stitch.  Someday I hope to make that quilt that you almost cry when you see it.  Thats what I want, the "TO DIE FOR QUILT".  This quilt doesn't fall in that category, it falls under the "WHAT WAS SHE THINKING" category.  But it'll be a finish and practice.

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