Saturday, November 19, 2011

How did I get here?

  And I'm not talking about the birds and the bee's(if you don't already know I'm not going to give you the famous "talk").  How did I get to where I am today?  Eight years ago I was newly single, 3 kids in school, cramped little apartment, with no quilting knowledge.  That's when I made this hideous quilt that my kids used to it almost fell apart.  My first real quilt and its okay to laugh.

I've come a long way from that in the last 8 years, and thankful for every minute of the journey.  Even the not so quilty moments of hard times.  At one point while being single I was rationing food and  heat in order to keep the bills paid.  So starting today for the next week I'm going to post about what I'm thankful for the most.  Looking at this picture and knowing where the I was when I made that quilt I would have to say I'm thankful for my best friend that has stuck by me for 30 years, no matter how low or broke, drunk, or plain unreasonable I was.  Love you Barb!  I encourage anyone who reads this to do the same.  Really look at your life and see where you are and where you've been, and thank those that held your head as you puked! Pin It

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