Thursday, February 16, 2012

Humble beginnings

A few times a month I teach a beginners quilting class.  Now let me say, I'm not getting paid and its just totally at random when ever we can all get together at a mutual friends house.  Second, I'm not a teacher, I'm more of the worker bee.  This has been quite the challenge for me, but I'm loving sharing my knowledge and "expertise"  and I say that very loosely.  Its easy to forget that your students don't have all the common quilting knowledge that we have stored in our brains for years.  Occasionally I pull out this photo to humble my over confident quilters ego.   Its okay to laugh!  Made from the leftovers of halloween costumes, curtains, chair covers, whatever I had on hand. 

This is the one I'm most proud of.  It was cerimonial quilt for my dad last year on his birthday.  Every color, ever line, every symbol has a special meaning.  I did about a years worth of research before making.

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  1. good sometimes to be reminded just how much we DO know... have fun x

  2. That first quilt does not even come close to the beauty Valentine Tweet! You got my vote!


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