Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Such a romantic

Went into the studio this morning and found this.  My dear sweet man is such a romantic.  Don't get jealous girls, someday you too could have a man that will go to so much trouble for you.  By the way that's my coffee mug.  And there's a story behind this single red rose.  Five years ago today I was single, living alone with my teenage son, working 10-12 hrs a day in a factory.  There was this man at work that I'd been ogling but really didn't want a relationship, I was content being single. 

Well we had a horrible snow storm 2 ft of snow and ice.  Awakening early making sure to get to work(3am) my neighbor is stuck in her drive and her boyfriend is screaming at her.  So I go out and help the young couple get unstuck.  A friend lived with me at the time she was homeless and going through a divorce.  She too could not get out of the drive, we tried like crazy but there was no moving her truck, so I take her to work with no problems, we even pick up one of her co-workers on the way.   I go home from taking her to work, finish getting ready myself, jump in my mini van and would you believe I'm stuck!  I used all my bleach to give me traction with my hero events.  Rocking that van, throwing salt under it, nothing worked.   I called a gal I worked with to see if she had made it to work and she said she had, she would be there shortly to get me.  Well being the devil she was (she knew I was fond of this man)  she asked him to come along for the ride.  Long story short they rescued me.  While she and I sat in the parking lot at work discussing our big adventure, he said he was going in, he returned with a single red rose.  Opened the car door and this is his exact words "Here this is for you"  and shut the car door.  If you've ever worked in a factory you know that its all joking it helps to keep you sane.  So I assumed this was a joke and dismissed the idea.    We didn't even mention this or act on it for another month or so......and here we are today.  We no longer work together, I lost my job.  And he still thinks that a single red rose is all it takes to make a woman swoon....men don't they know that the price of swooning goes up just like the price of beef!   You gotta love'em, bless their hearts, they don't know! Pin It

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  1. thats lovelly ...dont tell him otherwise you may not get any more xx


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