Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Finished the Strawberry Twirl quilt top

 This quilt went together fairly quick even though I had some problems with the inset triangles.  After EQ 7 failing to allow me to have full sashing squares at the border.  I went out and bought this calculator with a Joanns coupon 40% off!  Great buy!  It basically does all that EQ can to but I can stick it in my purse and never has to ask the sales gal again how much fabric I need.  And it can figure out those quilting math problems that sometimes take me hours. 

Now on the lighter side of things.  See what happens when the critters get mad at you for not having bird seed in the feeder.  I'm thinking that it wasn't a bird that threw this on the ground....Squirrel..maybe...Raccoon.....more than likely!  They have already broken one squirrel proof feeder and are now working on this one.  Just part of the fun of living in Podunk! 

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