Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tools of the trade?

We all have scissors, rulers and cutters.  But are you constantly steeling from the garage?  These are a few of the "Odd Balls" in my sewing room.

1.  Carpentars apron-  great for little scissors, thread clippings and small screw drivers. 

2.  Small screw driver, and a ratching screw driver- these are easier for my hands to handle.  Those Barbie drivers they give you with your machine are in the toy box. 

3.  Razor knife- used for cutting mylar templates

4. Needle nose plyers- great for geating loose threads out of tricky areas in my sewing machine.

5. 400 grit sand paper- Every once in awhile I get a burr on my hook and race assembly.  Rather than take it to the shop for an $80 charge, I sand off the burr  myself.

6. Small paint brushes- removes lint from the bobbin area

7.The long "T" is an Allen wrench- my machine has tons of allen head screws ad this "t" wrench gives me the leverage I need. 

8. Cotton swabs- oiling the bobbin casing and race.

9. Dental hook- Makes threading the closed thread guides so much easier(works really well with sergers.)

10. Flashlight- for checking the backside of my quilt while still on the frame.

What strange tools do you have in your sewing space? Pin It


  1. this made me laugh... and have a look at what I have "aquired! over time xx

  2. Love this!!! Check out my stash from Harbor Freight tools!!


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