Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I need this fabric!

Okay so maybe need is a strong word.  I want it I love it!  To much fabric is a bad thing.  Last year I put myself on a fabric budget.  No buying unless its needed.  The thing is I seem to need alot.  Nothing in my home would match this fabric, so I would have to redecorate in order to make it work.  All of her lines have such a springy feel to them.  And I have yet to buy one piece of her fabric. She also has a great line of patterns and books to compliment her fabrics.  Stop by her site and check out her simple but so cute patterns here.

Well I'm going a little over board on this one, I just can't help myself.  Love affair with feathes and swirls.  Don't look to close or you see tons of cross overs.  Bonding with this frame is not coming naturally.  All in all I'm please so far. 
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  1. the minute I saw I am NOT buying more fabric... along comes the one I MUST have!! OH well....I have room xx


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