Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mammas got a brand new bag!

Isn't she cute!  A couple of years ago I made a tutorial for the   The tute was a much simpler version of this bag but if you need a quicky here's a link
I added a zipper and two front pocket.   And its quilted patchwork instead of just fused fabric.  No pockets on the inside because it's for me and I don't use them so why have them!  Toss and go that's me!  If it were for a customer they have the option of interior pockets.

See the little eye hole in the zipper?  Would you believe that I some how managed to sew it to the bag!  How in the world that was done without breaking a needle is beyond me!   No I didn't get a picture, I should have, it was unbelievable! 
 It took almost half of a charm pack and some plaid from my stash.  The plaid is Lynn inspired.  That gal can do wonders with a little bit of plaid.
The charm pack used ( I love) was one that I won from  Oh I could have made a table runner or a small throw.  Maybe add from my stash and make something a little bigger.  But then it's one more thing added to the needs to be quilted pile.  I've still enough fabric left for another bag and possibly a wallet!

Until next time "Quilt out of your Comfort Zone!"

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  1. Cool tutorial. I will definitely attempt to make it sometime.


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