Thursday, December 6, 2012

Yikes! Its glowing!

Yesterday I had an overwhelming urge to rearrange my studio.  Well I needed more space on my piecing machine.  When I was stitching down my applique on this quilt it would fall to the back and onto the floor, causing pulling and uneven stitches. 

So half the day was spent cleaning and moving.  Once everything suited my fancy I plugged in my sewing machine and light in one outlet and my space heater in another.  I didn't move the quilt frame so it was still plugged in a separate surge protected strip.  So I flip on the surge protected strip to my sewing machine and TADA!  Its up and running then I turned on my space heater, started to sit down in my big comfy quilting chair and before my bum could hit the seat "ZZZZZZT!"  LIGHTS OUT!  Of course my sweety was gone for the afternoon so I was left to deal with this issue on my own.  I unplug everything and head for the breaker box.  No switches are flipped, but I flip them off and on, like I know what I'm doing.  Hmmm...back to the studio plugging in only my floor lamp just in case I get another ZZZZT.   Nothing, no noise, but no light either.  On to the next outlet....Nothing...and the next.... Nothing.  Half of my outlets in the sewing room are fried!  Honey came home and was trying to diagnose the problem and the outlet between my sewing table and computer was GLOWING ORANGE!  YIKES!    So this was my fix until sweety could work his magic today. 

While the man works his magic I'm making laundry detergent.  I've been making my own for awhile now and have found that I like it better than the store bought stuff.  Its a quite thin and you have to shake it before using it, but for the price you can't beat it! 


3/4 cup borax
3/4 cup washing soda
8 TB of dawn dish soap(it cuts grease better than all the rest)
1/2 of the measuring lid of Downy Unstoppables(dissolved in 1 cup of boiling water) (optional)
1 gallon hot of water

use 1/4 cup in every load, high efficiency washer or regular washer

Mix it all together and fill your favorite container.  I just reuse an empty store brand bottle with a spout. 

Shake bottle before every use

I used my coffee pot to pour it into my bottle. 

Until next time "Quilt out of your Comfort Zone!"

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