Monday, December 31, 2012

Nostalgic Christmas Quilting

I've spent the last two days marking this quilt before putting it on the frame.  Making  sure that the design I choose was going to fit.  The quilt top has been finished for weeks and waiting to be quilted.  Rarely do I work with a pattern for a quilt, most of the time I design my own on paper or in EQ7.  But when I saw this pattern Nostalgic Christmas by Lynn Wilder(why does my mind see her on the set of Little House on the Prairie?)  it was a must have.  But...and there's always a but...When I seen hers finished I couldn't get the quilting out of my head.  Her quilting was gorgeous, well my brain, as nutty as it is in there, wouldn't let me see any other designs for the quilt, so I had to lay it aside until that passed.  Finally!  I had an inspiration other than Lynns. 

In between quilting and cleaning there's been a chase going on around here.  Me chasing this Blue Jay with the camera.  He's a bit camera shy and spooks very easy.  What a lovely bird, these pictures don't due him justice.   Well if I were that pretty I'd strike a pose every time a camera came near me!   The ultimate pose would be with his wings spread in flight.

Maybe I should go incognito, by cutting a hole in a white sheet and lay in the snow beneath the pine tree.

I could build an igloo with one small window...

This next picture made me laugh.  The huge bird in the upper left corner looks like he's setting in the pine tree but he's actually in the smoke tree closest to the house.  Giving the optical illusion that we have Monster Chickadees in Podunk!....LOL!

Until next time "Quilt out of your Comfort Zone!"

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  1. glad you did chase him around the garden xx Have a good New Year x

  2. Birds are really hard to photograph. I have a bird feeder outside my kitchen window and some really nice birds stop by but the minute I move in the kitchen they fly away.


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