Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cleaning day in the studio

Have mercy!  What a mess in here!  How does it get so messy.  Most of yesterday was spent digging through boxes and bins, rearranging fabric.  Until I ran across Grannies old machine.  Tucked away in my cutting table cabinet.   The cleaning of the Studio came to a dead stop while I cleaned and oiled this old beast.  My goodness it weighs more than all my other machines put together.  Obviously machine maintenance wasn't a top priority for Granny.  She runs so smooth.  The tension knob was all goofed up, so I took it apart and reassembled, works great now.  The bobbin casing tension  was set so high I could barely pull the thread through. 
 Just a little more tweaking to get those stitches perfect.  A new needle might help, hard telling how long that ones been in there!  I've looked online for the owners manual with no luck.  The only way I can get it to sew a straight stitch is to put the needle all the way to the left.  Other wise it sews zigzag....hummm...the name of the machine is Zigzag Deluxe, maybe it was sold for doing zigzag?
Well I better get back to catching dust bunnies, boy can they multiply quick!


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  1. I received one like that too. Someone gave it to my husband also sans manual. Great for satin stitching.

  2. I love that color blue for a machine!


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