Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Just a bowl of cherries

You know I was thinking....the needs to be quilted box isn't full.  Well we can't have that, can we?  So I've still tons of scraps from the brights chosen for the tulip quilt.  Why not use them up.  And look at this I used a pattern from a magazine, can you believe it!?
Remember a couple of months ago when I had the table full of magazines?
Well they were never put away I left them opened, stacked and set aside.  Monday I decided to pick one! 
Because I wanted a quickie, I choose not to follow the pattern exactly, imagine that!  The cherry blocks in this quilt are applique, that's not quick.  I replaced it with cherry fabric.  I've about three more yard of the cherry fabric(large square in quilt).  I also had to pull out the black yardage for frame.  
 Even though I had to dip into the yardage it still used up quite a bit of scraps.  I also made one other change to the pattern.  It called for the square in a square with all 4 corners the same.  I thought it looked better with scrappy corners.  
Since this quilt and the tulip quilt are the colors of my Studio they haven't been stuffed in a box, they are folded and hanging on the the quilt rack on the wall.  Well my goodness I better get that box full of something! 


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  1. That certainly didn't take you very long, Lea! It is a darling, HAPPY quilt & I love those colors together. You did a great job of adapting it.

    I tried to find the "Cherries Jubilee" pattern online & I THINK it is by Karen DuMont. Was it in Quilt Magazine? I think it was originally called "A La Mode". It can be ordered from her site here:

    Please correct me if I'm wrong? I would love to try making this one, but I don't have the kind of stash that YOU have! LOL I'd have to go shopping!


  2. I like this one too. LOVE the corners.


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