Thursday, September 5, 2013

Inspirational free pattern

Oh dear, I've been working out of the zone.  WAY OUT of the zone!  Other quilters can be such an inspiration in so many ways.  It's funny how you never meet them but yet they're an active part of your daily life.  Well Jan has been an online acquaintance for a few years through  The Quilting Board.  There's been times when I've about spewed my morning coffee reading her post, and then there's the days when she's had the words of wisdom that we all need from time to time.  
You can find her thread on this quilt here.  Recently she worked up a quilt pattern to share with her quilty online friends.  She requested that we use her colorway...Orange being the main color.  Let me tell you this first.  There's two colors in this world that just don't appeal to me in quilts.  Purple and orange.  However I do have plenty of Purple in my stash but very little Orange.  So that's the first challenge, working with orange.  And the second is that this quilt is more on the modern side.  What drew me into this quilt was her inspiration picture.  What a fun looking group of ladies!  Love the dresses!  Imagine going into town wearing one of those....yep you'd get some attention!

Here's her block design based on this picture.  Not just one shade of orange but TWO!  Boy she's really pushing my comfort all out of whack!

Okay so whats a gal to do but just jump right in with both feet.  (You can jump in also,  post your pictures here.)  I've about 7 or so orange fabric and I sure wasn't gonna run into town to buy more!  Working with what I had on hand I  came up with this...Not to bad.  The one thing about this that I love is it's Bright!
So I took the picture of the block into EQ and made a quilt.  I'm thinking that this might be doable as a scrappy, yes more orange fabrics will be needed.  But my thought was to maybe keep the same colors but move the placement of color in each block, thus cutting down on the amount of orange I'd need to buy!!  Oh it's been fun playing with a color out of my norm.  
You know this quilt reminds me of the Siddi and Southern quilts I posted about a few months ago.  
Thanks Jan for inspiring me to use up some of my orange and work out of the comfort zone.   


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