Saturday, January 25, 2014

Doing Cartwheels

Another finished block.  This one gave  me some trouble.  If I could stick to a pattern things would be easier but in true Lea Anne fashion.... changing it up to make it my own.  Those blue and white flowers were my downfall.  They started out pink and white, then pink and blue, finally the 3rd times the charm, blue and white.
 Here's the original pattern.  The little cup reminded me of the Kool-aid man.  It had to go. 
 So I folded the paper in half traced the cup in reverse in order to make the raw edge applique.   
 Here's the next little cutie.  I'm thinking about using fabric for the little musical note flags.  (is that what they are called?)  Since they are so tiny maybe a heavier fusible could be used with no stitching around them, whatcha think?   It's about time to make a layout plan in EQ with some simple patchwork joining all these blocks.  If your interested in any of these patterns you can find them here on pinterest.  I'm becoming a pin-o-holic.   It's where I save inspirations and ideas.  Much better than the old way of bookmarks or pictures on the computer or flash drive.
 Slowly but surely on the big pink quilt.  
 I could have popped this out in a day had my back been more cooperative.   Thanks for all the well wishes from my faithful readers.  I'm doing better but not turning cartwheels yet.  Yes I can still do them!  Maybe not as pretty or graceful as when I was a teenager but I can do them, that's all that matters.  Not a pretty site I'm sure.

~Lea Anne~

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  1. I love the little cup of flowers!!!

    Glad the back is feeling a bit better. I haven't tried a cartwheel in years.

  2. This will be a lovely quilt when it is done. Your embroideries are beautiful.

  3. a very pretty cup and saucer and the singing bird will be a beauty too. Do not understand how to do pinterest, have signed on but no instructions appear as to how it works

  4. I love the embroidery motifs - so very charming! I think the lines with the notes is called a staff! Whatever it is I love it and the little bird warbling its heart out!

  5. I just "found" your blog - I was having a cup of coffee and came across your blog and I have just spent a wonderful half-hour reading your posts! Love, love your quilts! Also, I used to embroidery a lot when I was a young girl and now I'm on my way to check out the pinterest embroidery link (love your cup and the little bird). Scary reading when your truck's brakes went out - glad everything turned out okay!!!

  6. I love your little cup, I hope you start feeling better soon! At least you are getting a lot of hand work done!


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