Thursday, January 23, 2014

Spring has sprung!

Who's ready for spring?  ME!   Every year right after the holidays I'm ready for spring.   The only time snow needs to be on the ground is Christmas Day and then things can get back to normal.  Okay maybe just long enough for the super bowl an then that's it....Snow be gone!  I've already started planning for the veggie garden.  We'll be placing our order for seeds within the next couple of weeks.  Only eight more weeks till the planting begins.  Are you ready?   Until then these little cuties will just have to do.
 This little umbrella is my favorite so far.  It was originally supposed to be all embroidery.  I decide to add some gingham.  Here's the original pattern.
 Another free one found here.  Tons of free embroidery patterns on this site.  

~ Lea Anne~

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  1. I so agree these embroideries are both very pretty and dellicate

  2. so pretty .. it is grey wet and cold here .. so they are a welcome bit of colour xx

  3. These are very pretty. I haven't done embroidery in many years or decades even. Since I've been quilting and knitting I don't do much else crafty. Speaking of which I hear some piecing calling me.

  4. Wow, your stitching is so wonderful. It looks really like spring !!!!!
    Grit from Germany


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