Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What next!

What a week it has been.  One could look at it in a negative way but you just have to move on and make the best of it.  The cold weather froze the laundry room pipe causing a flood.  Gave me a reason not to do laundry!  Yeah!  And since my studio has been so cold I've spent my time doing handwork.   
 Oh I forgot to mention that when the pipe broke Ross had to go to work.  That left me to clean up the mess.  So I moved out the washing machine and dryer and sucked up all the water from the floor.  When putting everything back in place I pulled a muscle in my back.  Great!  Now that the weather has lighten up a bit I'm still not able to do much.  So more handwork.  Some lovely pillowcases for the spare bedroom, so girly!  
 Little progress has been made on my red and white quilt.  Some progress is better than no progress.  All 408 dime size circles are finished, now its onto the bigger pieces. 
Are you sitting down?  I hadn't been off the property since Christmas Eve!  So Monday morning I decided to get out early.  My back doesn't hurt as bad early in the day.  And we really needed some groceries.  Normally I do my grocery shopping in our small town.  The drive to get there is hilly and curvy.  For some strange reason this week I decided to go somewhere else.  The drive to Franklin is flatter and straighter.    Those details are very important.  I've not shopped in Franklin in about 2 years, but my gut said "Go to Franklin".  Also I had forgotten my cell phone, normally I'd just go on without it, but something said you better go get it you never know when you'll need it.  So I did, and thank goodness because on the way home, about a mile from the store on a country road, and 12 miles from home, MY BRAKES GO OUT!  NONE!   At first I thought since I drive a manual that I could just gear down and use the emergency brake and make it home.  Oh my goodness, bad idea, about 3 miles of pure hell and the tension is killing my back.  So at the next main road I pull off at a green house that is closed for the season and call Ross to let him know I'm leaving the truck and called mom to come and get me.  When called mom and she says "It'll be about an hour I need to put my make up on"  What!  Here I set stranded and your worried about makeup.  It would only take her five minutes to get here!  After much persuasion I convince her it'll be fine to go out of the house without her painted face.  We loaded up the perishables and spent the day at her house.   And because I'm a busy body I had to go dig through some of my old things to keep busy.  Finding this old camera that Granny had given me when I was a child.  So the day wasn't a total loss.  
Well Ross came to get me, we went to my truck, HE DROVE IT HOME.  The shock tower had collapsed, pinching the brake line.  He ordered the part and I should be back on the road sometime next week.   
It's kinda scary when you think what could have happened.  Had I went to the normal grocery store, on the way home one mile from the store is one large hill after another.    Call me crazy, but I think something warned me.  Do you listen to that inner voice?

~Lea Anne~

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  1. The Lord was watching out for you, He was that inner voice telling you to go to Franklin instead. I just have to laugh about the makeup thing. That is one thing about not working, we have to clean up the messes because our husbands are at work. I hope your back gets better, maybe a chiropractor could help?

  2. So glad you are okay! Wow, you are a real "he-man woman"! Seems like you are always shoveling something or moving something heavy. I do good just getting up off the couch..You take care of yourself! XO

  3. And that is why we love your mom! - Stephanie

  4. Wow! So glad you are okay! Always good to listen to the voice in your head....assuming there is only one :).

  5. what a time you have had, I do hope you are now having better luck and also that the back is much improved

  6. Woww that must have been scary. So glad you came through OK.

  7. ALWAYS listen to that naggy little voice x thank goodness you did just that x keep looking for the positive and you wont go far wrong xx

  8. Oh my gosh my dear that is scary. My inner voice is always talking to me. I am so glad you are ok I do not know why this is but almost every time my hubby goes out of town something I do not know how to fix breaks. Your projects looks great.


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