Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Warm quilty hugs

Who couldn't use a warm hug on these cold days?  This warmed me up from the inside out. Makes my little ole heart go pitter-pat.   My quilt pattern made by Shana Gray at Lush Imaginations.  Shana is fairly new to the blogging world, hop on over and give her some quilty bloggy love.  Isn't it wonderful?!  The black just makes those cute cherries pop.  Thanks Shana for making my day!   
We've had some really cold weather here in Podunk.  Temperatures below zero.  But before the cold came in we managed to get outside and build a snowman.  It was snowing really hard when I took this picture, those are snowflakes you see!  Huge snowflakes about 1 inch across.
The temperatures indoors isn't much better.  Well in my studio, it was originally an attached garage.  There's only one heat duct, so I use a space heater to warm it up.  The heater has a thermometer.  Today it's 2 degrees warmer than yesterday!  To be honest I've not worked in there since Saturday.  The tile floor is just way to cold.  Piecing a quilt is definitely out of the question because I've always taken off my shoe for the foot petal.  
That's okay there's plenty of handwork to be done.  I finished this little lovely that will keep my hiney off the cold leather chair in my studio.
And Look, 243 dime sized circles complete, only 165 more to go.   The hand work is great for these colder days.  So I've been sitting on the couch catching up on some TV making circles.  Recorded quilt shows and movies are top of the list.  Yesterday I made the mistake of watching one of those channels that's all about solving murders.  Well by the end of the day every time the dog turned over I thought someone was in the house and going to kill me.  You should have seen me sneaking around the house peaking around corners only to find the dog snoring!   Today I'm watching some love stories or comedies!

~Lea Anne~

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  1. The black with the cherries is really lovely. sounds really chilly.

  2. You crack me up! So funny cause I'm the same way. I was watching "I Survived" the other day and suddenly realized that it was freaking me out so bad I had to turn it off. Love the quilt that Shana did..that one is on my list to make. Your patterns are awesome! Well, try to stay warm! Cheery wave from Bev

  3. I have a hand crank in the living room and we close off the sewing room when the sun goes down to help warm up the house. So I've been making string blocks in the evening and quilting my quilt during the day. I have that black cherry fabric, I'll have to use it for when I make my cherry quilt!

  4. Oh what a lovely quilt! :o) She did such a fabulous job!
    My sewing room was a carport, with one of the walls not
    insulated and also only one duct. Burr. I feel your pain. :o)

  5. Shana did a beautiful job on the cherry quilt. My sewing room is on the north side of the house so it is a bit colder than the rest of the house. so I have a space heater in there. Thank you so much for your sweet comments.

  6. Thanks everyone for the compliments. This was the first being on someone else's blog. now that warmed my heart. **proud moment**

  7. a lovely quilt and the crochet is looking good too. Your weather has been so bad, seems so unfair here in the UK we are having such a mild winter, mind you they have said we might get some Siberian weather next week.Like you I take my shoe off to use the foot pedal but since moving to my present house I have learnt to keep it on as the floor tiles are so very cold


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