Monday, August 4, 2014

Little Bitty Plan

Here it is a Happy Monday morning again!  Hope everyone had a great weekend and lovely weather.   Here in Podunk it's been picture perfect all summer.  Inspiring me to keep working with happy spring fabrics.  The little bitty 4 patches below are going to finish at 1 inch!
 Now there just needs to be a little bitty plan on what to make with them.  I'm playing around with a couple of different ideas.  Wondering if maybe some cherry or strawberry applique might be needed.  I'd like for it to finish big enough for a table topper or small baby quilt.  In order to do that I'll need to get creative.  
While we're on the subject of being creative hop on over to
 for a whole lot of creativity! 

Well there's tomatoes and pickles waiting to be canned, so I better turn on the radio and get busy!

I've been humming this song while piecing these little bitty pieces, so I thought I'd share it with you.   Enjoy!

 "Little Bitty"  by Alan Jackson.  

~ Lea Anne ~

Free mini quilt pattern from Piece by Number

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  1. Very sweet little bitty squares. You are a busy lady.

  2. Look at you go! I love that setting you have laid out. I'm sure I would like any setting you devised. You are so clever and creative. XO

  3. Alan Jackson sigh. He's my favourite quilting companion.

  4. Lea Anne, your little bitty squares look great! It's funny how an appropriate song will stay with you while you quilt. I did a quilt once with some coffee themed fabrics and very often found myself singing The Java Jive.

  5. That's a lot of little bitty! Have fun with them.

  6. I love the colors in this quilt! And it's fun to recognize fabrics that I've used too! :D

  7. such tiny little blocks, very eye catching

  8. Lovely itty bitty blocks. This setting looks like a great idea. Looking forward to seeing what you decide ... :) Pat


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