Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Finish

After hours of taking pictures I gave up, deciding that they will do.  This is the last photo taken with the famous watering can, of course tons of editing to give it a vintage look.  I've also made the pictures a tad bit bigger in this post for those quilters that want to see details.
Experimenting started from the very beginning of this quilt.  So I might as well be consistent throughout.   The scrappy basket block is an old pattern that I reworked.  The original block is completely appliqued with no flowers or leaves.  In my version the basket is pieced and I've added a few more appliques shapes.  A block tutorial with free printable templates can be found here on my blog.
 The white backgrounds always say "Quilt me to death", so I did.  But I really love the feel of a quilt that has minimal quilting.  The decision was made to do minimal quilting outside the blocks.
 The background fill quilting is my favorite fill.  I've no idea what you would call it other than random.  A little of this and that with a touch of McTavishing.

 The backing is just some old yukky fabric.  It's become sorta my trademark to have a totally odd piece of yukky fabric on the back.  Sometimes more than one.  Use what you have, and like many quilters I've tons of fabric bought years ago that doesn't appeal to me anymore.  
I'm linking up with Sarah over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.  Hop on over to see other Finishes this week!

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. Wow, it's FABULOUS! You are amazing. Seriously...from your fabric choices to your designs and your quilting, your quilts ROCK! I especially love this one. Yellow and red and that sashing!!!!! To die for! You have my address, right? Just send it on over....I'll be waiting....


  2. Lea Anne, from the beautiful piecing and applique to the cheerful and happy fabrics, to your incredibly awesome quilting, I am in love with every inch of your gorgeous scrap baskets quilt! It is just amazing!

  3. That is so darned pretty! Love your background fill. That so called ugly backing fabric looks amazing! Like you I use up fabric I have lost the love for on backs of quilts. I am constantly amazed at how good they look when quilted.

    Warm regards from Down Under

  4. What a great way to end the summer, by finishing a beautiful quilt!

  5. this is a real beauty, lovely baskets and wonderfully quilted. Keep checking amazon for the new Mctavishing book but not available yet in the UK

  6. Pretty quilt ... gorgeous quilting ... :) Pat

  7. Congrats on such a lovely finish! The quilting looks great. Lots if work, but it certainly paid you dividends.


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