Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Thrifty Threads

In the last couple of weeks there's been some additions to my thrifty fabric stash while hanging out with mom.  Every few days she has a doctors appointment followed by thrift shopping.   You never know what you'll find if you have the patience to dig through mountains of junk for one great find.  This was the deal of the week, 50 cents for both pieces.  (2) 8.5 ft. x 13 in.  table runners.  I love it when they leave in the selvages!   Of course I don't want table runners I want to cut them into pieces!
The pink(rosy) gingham below is Pottery Barn Kids curtains, $1.  It feels really nice not at all flimsy.  Passing up gingham or pink is just not allowed when thrift shopping.  And it coordinates well with the fabric above.  I think both will be set aside for my yearly breast cancer awareness quilt.
 The blue fabric is a twin sheet, 50 cents.  The dust ruffle in my spare bedroom is the exact same fabric that I purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond.  However I purchased both of these pieces at the Salvation Army thrift store with my moms senior citizens discount.    
All the fabric below was purchased at Joann's.  They had a great sale this week 30% and 50% off.  The pink and teal fabric is super quality, comparable to LQS.  The others are of lesser quality and much cheaper in price. The total spent $15.61.
Now here's my tip if you choose to buy build a stash in this way.  You must wash all fabric, no if, and or buts about it!  All fabric shrinks differently.  Not washing and drying could cause some tears later on down the road.   Hand washing(or soaking) is my preferred method for the smaller cuts of fabric.  
If more of the LQS would carry my palette of choice I'd buy more so called "Name Brand" fabrics.  But around here Civil War and 30's prints seem to dominate the market.  You know it's nice to fondle the fabric before buying.   There's modern shops an hour or more from Podunk.  But the fabric selections don't appeal to me.      Later in the week, when it arrives, I'll share my online fabric splurge.  So much for my quilt fabric diet.  Every diet is allowed a cheat, right?  Is that called justifying a weakness?  

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. The pink gingham and the floral will be so pretty together. I love the green background of the floral. What great finds!

  2. A fabric purchase was always part of my diet. If I had been a good girl it was allowed. Better reward than a banana split! When I'd been a good girl at the doctor's - another fabric purchase. I've got a great stash.

  3. some great buys you have here, I had a good spend at the quilt show last weekend but it was not frugal! Yes I wash all my fabrics when bought apart from jelly rolls and charm packs

  4. You found some great additions for a great price.


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