Sunday, April 3, 2016

Podunk Pickin's # 26 ~ Upcycling Jeans

Good Morning quilting Buds!  It's Podunk Pickin's time again. 

 My trusty friend the Random Number Generator has picked another inspiring quilting project from the last group of link ups.

It chose link up #1, which was this Jean quilt made from what else...old jeans.  You can find the tutorial for this quilt at Densyendehimmel blog.    What a great idea for up-cycling.  I made jean quilt years ago.  It's the most loved and used quilt I own.  It's warm and cozy, my kids say it feels like home.  

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. So fun. And yes, quilting was originally use of old material. I never forgot that. And this quilt is easy to make. Welcome to find the pattern at my blog. Today I'm linking up the Cologne Cathedral, a paper pieced block made for a special pincushion. You'll find the link to the pattern on my blog.

  2. Thanks for the link up! I just love to follow your blog! There is always something crisp, new, and beautiful to see.

  3. Denim quilts are great! The red logs with the one here looks so cozy and fun. I'll have to remember this combination.

  4. oh wow have managed at last to add a link after months of trying!

  5. I just love, love your Patriotic Picnic quilt. There's just something about patchwork and applique that really appeals to me. Thanks for linking to WIPs Be Gone so we could see this beauty.


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