Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Walking Lightly

 The Notting Hill quilt is moving along at a fast pace due to the large amount of background.  However with all that background space the process may slow down once it's on the quilt frame.  White space = quilt it to death, right?  Only time will tell since I really don't have a quilting plan, I'm still in the quilt stare phase of the process.

Feather quilting makes my little ole heart go pitter pat but I'm trying to get out of the quilting comfort zone.  Should I go a little more artistic?  This would mean I would need to much more marking of the quilt design before loading the quilt on the frame.  Maybe a pantograph?  I've never used a panto on a quilt so that too might take a long time since I would need to learn a whole new way of quilting.
More quilt staring is needed before I take this girl off the wall.

Staring at the quilt made my brain feel like it's on a hamster wheel.  I need a break to let my mind reset and find inspiration on it's own.  I've found over the years my best ideas come when doing mundane tasks or sleeping.  This is a good time to get outside, soak up some some sun while walking and training my girl Khaleesi.  

Today is the first day of being barefoot in the grass after YEARS of never being outside without shoes.  The grass feels so good on my feet but its the things hiding in the grass that are of concern.  You know rocks, thorns and BUGS!  My feet are not used to being without shoes.  So I tread lightly and become quite vocal with each step.  OOh!  Ouch!  Ugg!  How did I ever run on a gravel driveway as a child.  This is going to be a long process of toughening up the feet.

When I look up at my girl she has this look on her face as if to say "What's the big deal? I go barefoot everyday.  Why are you making those weird sounds?"  

Humans are strange.

Did you know I'm an April Fool's baby?  Yep that's right.  My birthday day is April 1.  So I decided to have a my biggest sale of the year to celebrate my birthday.  
40% OFF  
No joke!  This is a great time to stock up.  I may have other sales throughout the year but none this large. 

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  1. That's a pretty. Can't wait to see how you're going to quilt it. I haven't walked barefoot outside for years, but remember that good feeling walking on grass (not rocks!) from my childhood. Cute doggie.

  2. Can't wait to see the whole quilt! :-) Is the sale still going on in your shop? Thanks, H

  3. Your quilt looks beautiful! Hope you can think of a quilting design soon, can't wait to see it. I went barefoot last evening when I took the laundry off the clothesline, it felt good in the grass but I only walk barefoot in grass, not the driveway or anyplace like that. Happy stitching!

  4. Your post had me chuckling at your phrase “ at the quilt stare stage”. I never heard of that stage in the creative process but it’s so right!!! TY!


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