Thursday, April 8, 2021

UFO...Digging Inside and Out

Spring has sprung here in Podunk.  Our daffodils are finally in full bloom and the trees are just starting to show signs of life with little green buds.  Of course the weeds are also in in full bloom but I'm okay with it, at least they have a color other than the dreary winter gray and brown.  

I'm not sure what my girlfriend and I were talking about that made me dig out this quilt top but I'm glad the topic came up.  This will be a good project for my word of the year, MOO-VE.  

You can read more about these large square blocks and the pattern used to make them here.  The link also has instructions for printing on fabric using a home printer and setting the ink when printing on fabric.

The original pattern called for 9 quilt blocks.  Well, it became a UFO and then it became a UFO I just wanted to finish up quickly.  The blocks were started in 2014 and I think I put them into a quilt top a year or two ago.  It's time to put this one at the top of the "needs to be quilted" pile.  I think the granddaughters will love cuddling up with the cute little girls.  

Oh! I forgot to mention where I found the images I used for the center.  A link to them can be found at the same link mention above or here if you don't want to scroll up.  There's about 20 or 30 images I have saved on a Pinterest board.  All of them super cute vintage girls and boys in bright and happy colors.

While I was digging in the UFO pile Mr. Podunk was digging in the back yard.  Doesn't look like as much fun as my digging.  He's putting up a fence to block my girl Khaleesi from getting her cable wrapped around a tree or two.  Her lead cable is about 50 foot long and attached to the back of the garage.  It extends into this wooded area about 10 -15 feet.  I've spent the last 2 years untangling her from this area several times a week.  I guess Mr. Podunk is tired of my whining.  We put up the green temporary fence hoping it would help and it did for about 2 weeks.  She quickly learned it was easy to chew through or jump over.  No way she can chew through this one and I'm hoping jumping it never crosses her mind.  Of course I have other plans in mind....Morning Glories and Cardinal Vines  and a new place for me to hang quilts!

Indiana is about half limestone and the other half is clay.  We have all varieties, gray clay, red clay and brown clay.  It makes digging and planting so much fun.(sarcasm).  Of course with it being spring time the holes are filling with water after he digs about a foot deep. This makes for a gooey stick mess of clay and a lot more muscle power.  I better find something else to do before he puts me to work.

Now is the perfect time to do some obedience work with Khaleesi.  This has become a daily routine.  We start out with a little training and then we go for a walk on the road. Our walks so far have only been about 3/4 ths.  of a mile.  Sometimes we'll do this in the morning and in the evening.  Before each walk we work on obedience commands.   The video below shows her newest trick.  She is still easily distracted and doesn't always preform perfectly but we're happy with her progress.

Did you know I'm an April Fool's baby?  Yep that's right.  My birthday day is April 1.  So I decided to have a my biggest sale of the year to celebrate my birthday.  
40% OFF  
No joke!  This is a great time to stock up.  I may have other sales throughout the year but none this large. No code needed the prices are reduced in shop.

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  1. Now that was a rabbit hole!! lol I went to your link about printing on fabric using freezer paper and 30 minutes later...I've saved a whole lot of information on the freezer paper method as well as the label method. How's the grounding going? I watched the movie you recommended and have been sleeping on a grounding mat for a week. Think I'm seeing some definite changes. Also, I'm trying to go barefoot outside more, too. I agree with the previous post where you talked about your feet being pretty sensitive. I'm hoping for lots of changes with the grounding. Fingers (& TOES) crossed. Thank you for sending me in that direction.

  2. Hi Lea Anne and happy belated birthday!!
    Is you sale still going on? Last week I put 2 patterns in my cart, but when I went to check out, prices were back to regular price as well as the prices in your store.

  3. I live down the highway from you, south of Bloomington. I totally laughed about the clay and limestone; so relatable. I even had a picture of a geode in my post this week. :)

  4. Cool Quilt top!! Glad what ever she said made you bring it out!!! It is happy and does look like spring!! Happy Birthday!!!

  5. good girl!!! yesterday we both went for our first vaccine, and I said to milo (who just turned 4) you'll have to stay here. He immediately got in his crate and laid down. by himself. He hasn't had to do that in a year! Amazing what they know and understand of English isn't it?
    I bet Khaleesi would like the game I taught him, "search"!
    I put him in a down stay in one room, go into another to "hide" a toy, then call him saying search! He is very excited to come look, and usually goes right to it, how?
    Smart dogs need mental stimulation as well as physical. Search has come in handy in the yard too, I don't have to collect his discarded yard toys now, I say search ball! and he brings it back to me on the porch!


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