Saturday, April 10, 2021

Blue and Yellow Leaders and Enders

 The blocks for my current leaders and enders project are complete.  It took a little longer than expected to finish them.  For some reason I thought since it was a simple pattern with few pieces it would be farther along at this point.  In reality finishing it may take working on it during a couple more quilt tops.

Honestly this is the hardest part.  Waiting and waiting to put the rest of the quilt together.

They are staring at me and whispering "Come play with me" every time I walk in the room.  Oh the restraint it takes to stay on task.  They say it takes 12 times of doing something for it to become a habit.  Oh dear lord 12 more times.  Does this mean 12 days or 12 quilts?  Lets hope it 12 days.  

Maybe hanging them on the wall will curb the feeling to start making sashing.

At this point I realize I haven't cut the sashing.  Should I make it scrappy or use one print.

My plan is to make one of the quilts below.  The only difference between the two is one has yellow border.  The sashing and cornerstones are the same.  The blue corner units could be done in scrappy or one fabric.

And I could make the yellow in the sashing scrappy as well if I really wanted.  The large amount of white already gives the eye a place to land in this scrappy quilt.  Hmmm...I'm not sure but my comfort zone says one fabric for the blue and yellow.  Should I work outside my zone?  What do you think?

Did you know I'm an April Fool's baby?  Yep that's right.  My birthday day is April 1.  So I decided to have a my biggest sale of the year to celebrate my birthday.  
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The leaders and enders quilt above is MOO-VING along nicely.  Most of the fabrics in this quilt are scraps from 2 other quilts.  If  new here and you're wonder what MOO-VE means to me, click the image below.  When the page opens scroll until you see the same image as below.

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  1. Love blue and yellow together! This quilt is going to be so cheery. And I hate when projects try to "line jump." 😂

  2. Such a cheerful quilt! Love the colors. I like both designs, but if I had to choose, I think I had chosen the one with the yellow border.

  3. I love the blue and yellow together. I'd probably choose the 2nd quilt with the yellow border but it does look smaller and I think that's because of the yellow border.

  4. These blocks are beautiful! You're going to have a lovely quilt, happy stitching!

  5. Go outside your comfort zone !!!
    If you can't do it on this type of quilt when can you?

  6. Beautiful yellow is the way to go

  7. I just love these blocks, no matter how you end up setting them! Makes me want to haul out the scrap bins and start making 4 patch/9 patches of my own. Which would be a disastrous detour right now, with several client's quilts waiting in my queue and a graduation quilt for my son that needs to be done by the end of May. ;-). So I'm living vicariously through your photos right now


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