Monday, April 7, 2014

A "Little" addiction

Good Monday Morning!  Yes it is!  Making littles can brighten any day.  They make a gal feel like she's accomplished something huge.  It's almost an addiction, like I need another one of those.  When I saw this back in February I knew it was going to the top of the must make list.  And the best thing about it was....Its a FREEBIE!  You can find over at The Crafty Quilter.  The pattern and tute is for a free pillow.  I just widen my top and bottom border to make it a rectangle instead of a square.   Make sure you take a walk around Julie's blog tons of quilty inspirations.  
And yes the embroidery pattern is part of the free pattern.  There's no tutorial for the embroidery.  So if you're new to embroidery Mary over at Needle N Thread has the best site for hand embroidery tutorials, patterns, and videos.  
After ripping out a couple of letters I decided to let any imperfections stay.  I think my favorite part of the embroidery was the french knots, all 6 strands of floss!
Looks good from the galloping horse so its great!
A piece of scrap from one of Bonnie and Camille's lines of fabric, fussy cut and made the cutest little window. (it would be even cuter withouth the stray thread)
 For some reason I had issues putting together the heart.  It wasn't because the instructions were bad it was because I was bad.  Finally after my 3rd mistake in the heart I decided to leave it, I needed the rest of the red fabric for the binding.  After attaching the binding I had a one inch strip left....cutting it close!
 More Bonnie and Camille fussy cutting for the chimney.  
 One fat quarter was just the right size for the backing.  
Its a keeper!  
Don't forget today is also Design wall Monday over at Patchwork Times.  

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. Your little quilt is so cute! Love the fabrics and embroidery. It is an awesome feeling when we can check a finished quilt from our list. YES!!

  2. Really sweet little quilt. Glad to see you got those cherries in there, too.

  3. I love your house and the embroidery is just delicious! I am working on my second version of this one and it, too, is going to be a wall hanging with hand embroidery. Great minds think alike! Thanks for the shout out!

  4. Hi- I have seen your blog many a Monday thru links from Judy at Patchwork Times, but I "think" I just found you on you tube demonstrating modifications to your BHQ... If i have the right Podunk Pretties... (How many can there be? :) ) can you tell me how you like your BHQ, and how large of a quilt can you comfortably quilt on it? I am looking to replace a Noltings Dinosaur, and would like to keep my costs reasonable...

  5. What a cheery quilt. Oopsies happen -- I tend to leave them unless they are outrageous. And, believe me your heart was definitely not outrageous!

  6. this is sweet, love the writing you have used, a very nice peice

  7. Beautifully done. It's gorgeous.


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