Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jelly Bean Twist

Sometimes the best quilt ideas come from playing around.  Meet Jelly Bean Twist! Don't look to close or you'll find my 4 patch error. 
Coming up with quilt names can be a chore sometimes.  Before officially naming a quilt I'll google the name to see if any other quilter has used the name.  It took 3 tries to not step on anyones toes.  Why Jelly Bean Twist?  Simple... the blocks sorta looked like they were spinning, twisting, or twirling.   The colorful applique looks like beads, petals, or jelly beans.  As soon as the thought Jelly Bean Twist popped in my brain I started singing the song Peppermint Twist, replacing Peppermint Twist with Jelly Bean Twist.  Such a happy song!  I'm sure some of my blogland friends remember this!  If not here's it is.  I dare you not to dance!  
Free motion work around the Jelly Beans,  And that wiggle stitch is one of those fancy stitches on my domestic sewing machine.   You can tell I'm out of practice with DSM quilting.  The wiggle varies due to drag on the quilt.  
 I often get comments on my quilts telling me not to worry about mistakes.  Believe me I don't!  However I do like to point them out.  Why?  Because I also get comments from quilters wishing they could quilt like me.  Believe me I'm no Pro.   As bloggers we can hide these mistakes.  But I think it's helpful to others to see that all is not perfect.  Sure some quilts get more attention to detail. And some are just for fun and those little UH-OH's can be left as character.  
 Last week I talked about my favorite 100wt thread.  Here it is again.  It really is great.  It blends in with just about any color.  Look at the bottom of the red gingham, there's a few tiny stitches on the red that just melt right into the fabric.
That 100 wt thread blends in around the oval shapes.  Each petal shape has two quilting lines.  One is a very visible echo and the other is right next to the petal.
Love this threads blending powers!
  After spraying with water I still have blue lines....hopefully soaking will take them out.  They are under the fusible webbing, lets hope it's not one of those hard lessons learned.  
The backing is another oldy from the stash.  VIP fabric bought from an estate sale.

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. I just LOVE this quilt. It's so bright, cheerful and clean looking. I want to copy it! -Derrith

  2. What a great quilt!! Nice job :)

  3. SQUEEEEEL!!! I love this so much! Why don't you put it on Craftsy as a pattern and make a lot of $$$? If you don't need the money from your awesome quilt tutorials, you can send it to me! XOXO

  4. Love how you just whipped that together and made an adorable quilt!

  5. your jelly bean twist has worked a treat, puzzled though thought free motion quilting was when the feed teeth were dropped so how an you use a selected stitch? sorry have not learnt quilting yet just sewing the blocks together etc, so eager to know more. Have done a little hand quilting but no machine to talk of

  6. I love it. What a very happy quilt it is, and the name is perfect.

  7. Your quilt turned out great and what a fun name! Perfect for Easter!

  8. I just love the colors in this quilt! Great name too...I really don't enjoy that part so much. I think it is good to show mistakes. It's natural to show the best part, but mistakes are more realistic and don't make others feel bad for not being able to be perfect too. Thanks for sharing that:)

  9. "God is perfect. Our quilts don't have to be". I live by that every day. Love your quilt!

  10. Is there a pattern/tutorial for jelly bean twist?

  11. Such a beautiful quilt! Even better that it comes from the scrap bin.


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