Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Father time

45 years ago today I fooled them all and came into this world 3 weeks early!  The great thing about having an April Fools day Birthday is it's hard for your hubby to forget!  Rarely does anyone forget my Birthday it's payback for all the bad jokes I've endured over the years.
Mom and dad sent this cute card.  By the language on it I'd say dad picked out this one.  He's a real prankster all year long.

My two boys whipped up a quick party.
My boys are crafty like me, and tend to give homemade gifts just like when they were little.  This year was no different.  Trever, my youngest, made me this lovely ring.   
Can you believe he wrapped the wire with a smaller wire, I thought it was a spring.  I love it, so unique.  I found out today that its not one that I can wear in the studio it was getting caught on everything.  
We all share a love for music, all music.  Even though I tend to listen to country and older rock also enjoy the newer music.
So my oldest son will keep me up to date with new bands.  He burned a CD for me as a gift.  It's a new group called Honey Honey.  I thanked him stuck it in my purse and didn't open it until last night.  Great band with a bluegrass sound.
The inside of the CD made me cry.  Normally I don't like to talk about negative things here in blogland.  But for this to make sense to you I'll give you a quick trip into my past.  My ex had a substance abuse problem, life was hard for 13 years.  My kids endured a lot of things that kids shouldn't.  I tried as hard as I could to make things normal.  Until the last 2 years of my marriage I had a nervous breakdown and started down the road of substance abuse also.  When the marriage was over, I struggled for a couple of years recovering.  Working in a factory 10-12 hrs a day, 6-7 days a week. No child support.  
This made all those struggles worth it.

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. Your trials and tribulations through your life book journey has made you a beautiful person. Your true values and morals persevered! Happy Birthday Lee Anne!

  2. A very Happy Birthday. You have done very well. Proud of all you have accomplished.

  3. Big Bunch of Birthday Hugs for all you are, all you've accomplished and all the possibilities yyet to be...April babies are the bestest!

  4. I know it is so hard to stay strong when trying to raise your children in a home where the father has a substance abuse problem. My mom also had a nervous breakdown, but hers was after she left my dad. Being a single mother is hard but you obviously did a great job with your kids. I'm glad you were able to get your life back on track. God is always there to lift you up. Have a very happy birthday!

  5. Happiest of birthdays. What lovely and thoughtful gifts!

  6. Oh my gosh! I KNEW I related to your sense of humor! I have an almost identical story except I had 3 kids! That journey in life makes you a peculiar specimen. Your boys are wonderful. WTG! Celebrate that birthday! Email me your address so I can send you a little giftie. XO

  7. Happy Birthday spring chicken! I hope one of your birthday gifts is time!

  8. Happy Birthday!
    So happy you are where you are today. Your quilts are beautiful. You are truely talented.


  9. Happy birthday to a brave woman who deserves to know that she is not alone on this journey. Best wishes.

  10. belated birthday wishes from me, you have certainly been through a lot but have come through stronger and have 2 very caring boys, those words caused a tear or two

  11. Happy belated birthday! It is so nice when your kids get old enough to realize what a great Mom you've been to them! The gifts they made for you are wonderful! What a talented and thoughtful bunch!

  12. I was very touched by your story. When we are young, we don't realize what our parents are going through just to get through the day. My story is a little different, because my dad didn't abuse any substances, just power. He scared us and humiliated my mom since he was the town playboy. My mom also had a nervous breakdown. Oddly enough, their anniversary was April 1st! My dad always said someday he would say," Ha ha April Fools. We're not really married." And after 17 years, they weren't.
    I'm so happy for where you are in your life now. You've done a wonderful job with your sons. You are an inspiration to them and to me. Happy Birthday!!!!



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