Monday, April 21, 2014

Go fly a kite!

It seems that the key to flying any kite is wind!  We had big plans this weekend to reconnect with our old family traditions of Easter kite flying.  Sounded like a good project for using up some fabric.  I whipped this up in about an hour using some ugly fabric and a little scrap wood from Ross's play space.  Even though our kites never flew more than 20 feet in the air without crashing we had fun trying.  Running to make wind was quite a chore for this old lady!  And it seems my skinny young sons were just as out of shape.  We put together a new plan for Mother's day.  Hopefully the wind will cooperate.  

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. Kite flying was a pleasure I have missed out on as a child, we get lots of wind here but afraid I could not do the running!!

  2. How fun to fly a kite! I don't think that fabric is ugly at all.

  3. My husband's family traditionally flies kites after Easter dinner. It was a mixed bag for the kids this year, some flew, some didn't.


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