Saturday, April 19, 2014

Attractive nuisance

After such a harsh winter even these wild violets and dandelions are a welcomed site.  It's so hard to pull them when they look so pretty.  Mother nature has a way with color doesn't she?
She knows just where to put the color and occasionally if you look hard you can find a surprise.
 Hiding the real beauty for those who will take the time to find it.
Quilters have been using nature as inspiration for quite some time.  These Dutchman's Breeches(britches is proper podunkian) inspired a quilt block (scroll down)years ago.  Here's another version of this block.  And another with some history.
 Who decides whats a weed and what's not?  Why are they consider a nuisance?  Reminds me of story my dad told when I was young.  He said  there was a new guy at work that had moved here from another state over the winter.  Dad asked him one day how he was liking the spring thaw.  The man replied with excitement that he was loving it.  He just loved all the pretty yellow flowers all over his yard, and how he felt lucky to be the only one on his block that had them!  Of course dad explained that his neighbors would be grateful if he treated his yard with weed killer.  But the man said they were just to pretty to kill.  Everytime I see a dandelion I think of this story and wonder if the man still has a yard full.  We leave ours also.  No we aren't tree huggers, its just a lost cause out here, mother nature is the boss when you live in Podunk.  

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. Wow, Podunk is a pretty place! XO

  2. the purple flowers are pretty but as for dandelions I HATE them they take over everywhere, I now go out and pick the heads off as soon as they open, need to treat the lawn but fear if I kill off all the daisies dandelions and moss there will be little green left! I am happy to live with weed in the park, forests etc but not in my garden.

  3. I miss the violets of the my childhood home more than anyone else can understand. There's no way I can grow them in New Mexico. And to think they just spread themselves all over the Midwest!


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