Friday, April 25, 2014

Back to the drawing board

Finally the Glorified Nine Patches are complete.  The curved seams gave me some trouble, switching my piecing technique twice until I found a method that would give the best results.  Unfortunately I'm not one of those quilters that can pin in three place on the curve and end up with anything usable.  The method that worked best for me made a lot of scrap, but what the heck its just fabric, and can be used for applique in another quilt or maybe in this one.  That's the plan, but(there's always a "But") I've not committed to anything yet.
The quilt is boring.  So I've played around with a few ideas.  You can see some of them here and in EQ7 but nothing has grabbed me.  A few ideas came to mind at 1 a.m. while tossing and turning in bed last night.  It's back to the drawing board to play.  

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. I like the added gingham petals with the blue centers. The perfect touch.

  2. I love the Glorified Nine Patch pattern - I have a vintage one.
    I'm with Anita - I love the gingham petals with the blue centers - The colors are beautiful!
    Great job ! I would never attempt it.

  3. how you do those curves is way beyond me, they are so accurate, would love to see a full photo of the quilt please!

  4. The blocks are beautiful, love the blue (teal?) that you used.


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