Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bit by Bit

Still plugging along on the hummingbird blocks.  24 now complete, 172 more to go.  Yes you read the right.  The plan is for a 70 x70 quilt.  That means 14 blocks x 14 blocks.  It's a little more time consuming when using odd size scraps.  So I'm reconsidering using my white yardage instead of scrap white.
 In the spirit of no scrap left behind I've been tossing the bits into this tin.
 Now I just need a plan.  Well looky here what I found.  Little Bits patterns by Cindi Edgerton.  A couple of years ago one of the local quilt shops was going out of business.  When that happens you buy things you wouldn't normally buy at great prices.  I really wanted to make one of the two at the very top.  But my pieces were too small.  So I settled for the one circled.  Appropriately named Itty Bitty Square on Square.
 These little patterns come with great instructions that tell you what size to cut your fabric.  So I just tossed this aside since I'm working with odd shaped scraps.  
 The finished test block is 2.5 unfinished.  Holy Moly!  That was fun!  So much fun that I don't think I need to make anymore of these for awhile, it may be sensory overload(wink).
 If that wasn't enough to make you think I'm crazy, take a look at my leaders and enders project.  I've no idea what to do with them but it lets me say "I have a leaders and enders project".  You know every good quilter has one so they don't waste thread.  Guess that makes me a SUPER DUPER green quilter with no wasted fabric either.  So tell me how small is to small when it comes to scrap fabric?    

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. I even keep the little bits that would be thrown away and use them for stuffing stuff like pin cushions.

  2. I have used 1" cut squares and then triangles around them, like a crumb block. Have used 3/4" strips in string piecing on phone book paper. Keeps it out of the landfill, and the little ones I can't use I take to Goodwill and they recycle it to make fabric for third world countries. Just tell them it is to be recycles. Batting scraps also. Keep inspiring others to use their scraps.

  3. youn have certainly set a challenge with all these humming bird blocks to do, best of luck. I am saving scraps but so far not done much, have the book 15 minutes of play which I did do a little with.


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