Friday, April 11, 2014

Knick knack patty whack.....

This has been put off for far too long.  I've had this fabric for years and have been waiting for just the right idea.  Don't you find it easier to work on projects when you love the fabric?  You can see more of this one here.
My eyes needed a break from the intense tiny stitches.  Well it's beautiful day to be outside, so I took a little stroll with my camera.  I didn't get to far....This is my baby...Lobo.  It's been so nice having him here since gramps passed.  Pretty sure gramps thinks we spoil him, but I've no kids at home and no grandkids close, so Lobo gets all my old lady lovins!  He knows if he looks at me like this I'll cave...
Never have I seen a dog that loves dog treats as much as Lobo.  Homemade dog biscuts at that! That's real chicken, ham, and beef stock mix with scraps of meat, put it all in blender, add some flour and eggs...and you got dog bone heaven! Spoiled rotten!  I've even considered getting one of those dog bone cookie cutters.  You can't help but want to spoil him.  Gramps did the best he could taking care of him, but he was old and would forget to feed him for days.  I think the only thing that kept the dog from death is being and outside dog and being able to hunt.  He's been a blessing and make us both smile and laugh everyday.  

~ Lea Anne ~

Fabric basket from 2.5 strips/jelly roll tutorial

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  1. sister had a german shepard named Lobo too! They are such awesome dogs, you are so lucky to have each other...they are so loyal and loving!

  2. He's a beauty! You're a good doggie mommy! XO

  3. the fabric with the flowers really caught my eye, very nice. Never heard of home made boggy biscuits but can see Lobo is thriving on them,

  4. I know I couldn't resist that sweet face!

  5. Lobo looks like a sweetie.


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