Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tossing around ideas

The Studio is still a work in progress.   A few loose ends to finish up such as painting the walls and wall decor. Do we girls ever really finish decorating?  Its always a work in progress.
Even though these will need to come down in the next few weeks to paint the wall I still wanted a visual, the possibility of changing it is possible.
 The light coming through the door shows off the quilting....LOVE LOVE LOVE!
  A few days ago I brought home some paint ideas and pinned them to the wall.  Watcha think?  The ones with the red lines are absolutely nots.  Maybe I should get some greens to add to the mix?  Hmmm...some of these colors could work for small projects like shelves.

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. Maybe a light blue for the walls and the yellow that has three yellows on it, the darkest one or the second yellow on the one with 4 for accents like shelves, etc.
    I love your wall!

  2. I like white, it makes your quilts pop.

  3. I painted my room a light aqua and now wish I hadn't. I have lots of white shelves for fabric so thought I would like a colored wall. I also have wide white trim and woodwork. Now I wish I had painted it white. I painted yellow in the kitchen and dining room but the yellow I used was a lemon. Now I wish I had used a more butter yellow. So whatever you decide, you'll probably re-do it when you get tired of it Love your arrangement of little quilts! Your quilting is amazing! Hope you have a happy day. I'm writing about gift certificates today. XO

  4. With gorgeous quilts like yours hanging on the walls, who needs wall color?? Who will see the wall color? :) I LOVE the arrangement of your quilts. Just beautiful. (But if I were going to paint the walls, I'd go with the soft yellow.) Have a great weekend!

  5. what a wonderful ell with those quilts. No need for a colour on those walls, I would opt for a cream, something very neutral that will go with whatever quilts you have there

  6. I have to admit to being a lover of bright colorful walls! I always tend to go for the darker colors on the paint chips, but now I have to agree with some of the others here and say a soft white, at least on the "quilt wall". You don't want a quilt to blend with the wall behind it. If you want to use color on the other walls then I'd keep it to a light shade. Your quilts are gorgeous and need to pop!

  7. I agree with all of the above. I prefer white showcasing your beautiful quilts. But if you choose a color, my experience with paint is to always go one to two shades lighter of the color you choose, because it always looks darker after painting the entire wall.

  8. I love how it looks now!!

    The triangle quilt knocks my socks off. So gorgeous!!!!

  9. The triangle quilt with pink in the center of your wall is wonderful! Is this your design, or did you use a pattern? I'd love to make one!


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