Saturday, January 24, 2015


Late yesterday evening I was working on the UFO above.  My phone is just an arms reach away so I'm reading and responding to new emails and blog post as they come in.  The house is silent, it gives my mind time to wander, think, contemplate life, well... my stitchy life.  Anything deeper than that is just a migraine, so why bother with the big stuff.  The forces that be are plenty capable of sorting out the big stuff.  So my deep thoughts took me to here
It seems that at the beginning of the year everyone that has a blog has a WORD, a PLAN, a GOAL, they are keeping track of stash in and stash out, LISTS of this and LISTS of that.  And me I'm just here stitching along, flying by the seat of my pants with not a care in the world.  Doing whatever my A.D.H.D quilting style tells me to do.  
Example: the picture below.  
Yesterdays morning trip to the grocery store for milk and coffee.   I came home with my grocery LIST items(see I can make a LIST) and a few beauty's(not on the list) from the LQS(which is about 10 miles out of my way). 

I suppose if I had a business or insurance policy on my fabric I'd make a LIST  inventorying them.  Is there a prize for the most in or out, or for the most used in a year?  Maybe I'm just not serious about my hobby.  Oh don't get me wrong I'm not saying quilters shouldn't make these LISTS I'm just making excuses for why I don't.   To be so organized is great, it's just not for me.  Finding a WORD to define my year is hard enough but to start making LISTS is really pushing it.  And then throw in the daunting task of knocking out UFO's.  BRAIN CRAMP!  There's plenty of UFO's for a list 

...and here.  
To be honest I'm quite proud of the fact that I took the time last year to organize them in the storage bin and tote.  Now I need to make an actual list of them?!
I drag them out from time to time just to see if something catches my eye and make a mental list, does that count in the LIST world?   Seriously who doesn't want them done but they are hidden away for very valid reasons, right?  The chances of me getting a few of them done this year are pretty good.  The chances of me adding a few more is also pretty good.  So I have a PLAN and a GOAL!  Sorta...right?
  Now what about that WORD that will define all I do in the next quilty year.

Honestly I can't think of a thing other than 

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. You're my kind of quilter, Lea Anne. Keep up the good work. It seems to be working for you!

  2. I keep a white board with lists of quilts in progress. Last year I added a list of quilts completed. That's about all the organization lists I can do. I have lots of UFO's and lots of projects with pattern and fabric pulled. I work on them as they look like fun. No order. No plan. Just fun.

  3. Happy is a good word! I like it. I don't make lists either, except the grocery kind, and then I usually leave it home. Maybe I remember some of what is on it, but only some. Oh well, we can live without those things until next time we shop. Glad you visited your LQS. We've gotta keep those people in business!

  4. Love it! I'm not a list maker of my ufo's either. I work on what moves me and hope to get to my ufo's at some point. Happy is wonderful!

  5. I like the way you think. Happy is a wonderful word and it works for me too.

  6. just found your blog yesterday, and have enjoyed reading......
    i've been thinking also about how to organize what i have in my sewing room. i have many WIPs and although i wish i could just get some of them DONE, i would much rather start something new (and exciting).
    i did manage to gather the WIPs and put them into bins, and stacked in the order i would like to get them finished.... hahahah a good theory!!! we'll see how 2015 goes.

    love your blog, and your great sense of humour!!

  7. I totally agree with you! I'm looking at these blogging planners people make, and I'm like "really"? I blog because it's fun, I quilt because it's fun, if I start making lists and plans, I would hate the pressure, feel like a failure and never do anything. LOL

  8. A very thought provoking post speaking as one of the goal setters, list makers and fabric counters.

  9. Phew! What a relief! I'm so glad to hear from someone else that it's ok not to track stash in/stash out, ufo, wip.... That's its okay to just do. I guess I like organization but I don't need to measure myself against it. I like your style and am going to enjoy following your blog!

  10. I so agree with you. I can't/won't/don't want to make lists, set goals, etc. Having worked in a sales environment for a lot of years, I blame that as I always had to set targets and goals for myself and my team, measure results against them and so on. Once I stopped working it was just such a wonderful feeling to be able to just do what I want, when I want, specially in quilting, since that's meant to be a hobby, as is blogging.

  11. I have lists (and more lists) for other things in life but not for quilts. Quilting is the thing I do to relax, to create, to enjoy. I won't add pressure with a list or deadlines because it's not a race for me. I want to enjoy the process.

  12. I have tried lists. Sometimes I make a list just so I can cross something off. I have plenty of UFO's but I am afraid to make a list of them and really know how many there are - that would just be to over whelming and paralyze me. The thought of tracking my fabric in and out but that would just mean I would realize how much I really spend and I don't want to know that. I work full time outside the home and sewing is suppose to be my down time not my stress time with deadlines and goals. I have set a goal of working on one UFO a month. I have plenty of those for years to come. But if I don't get one done a month - No big deal. There is next year.

  13. I can't bear the thought of tracking stash in/out/used, but each of us is different so what works for some won't work for others. I did, however, organize my UFOs a tad this year. I use OneNote on my phone and made a file of UFO's in it. With each one I added a picture of the project and some quick notes typed in. Nothing big and fancy, just enough to jog my memory. Then when I do feel the itch to work on one of them, as opposed to starting a new project, I can review and decide accordingly to time/mood.


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