Sunday, January 18, 2015


As many of you know a little over a year ago our family came together as hospice caretakers for my Gramps.  Some took care of the yard work, others the finances and then some of us the daily personal care.  During this time some us also reconnected as friends.  Nothing like the death of a prominent family member to either pull a family together or tear it apart.  My Aunt Brenda took time off from her job to be his main live in caretaker, I became her lovely assistant(wink wink).  I always took along some hand applique and my computer for designing quilts in EQ. There was little time for either.   Well yesterday I received this picture on my phone.  My Aunt Brenda is making her very first quilt! She's off to a great start by mastering the HST's.  Pretty darn good for newby!   I like to think her inspiration was me, although she never said.  It just tickled me pink to think there will be another quilter in the family.  
 We never know who or how we'll touch other people lives in our journey.  
There were a lot of memories made in those few short weeks, some were good and some were bad but I wouldn't change a thing. 
The picture below is 
My mom, Gramps and Aunt Brenda.   
Happy Stitching Aunt Brenda!

~ Lea Anne ~
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  1. Yay Aunt Brenda! Love that shade of blue! I would be Pickled Tink if I had a family member who showed interest in quilting too!

  2. Starting with HSTs... OMG. I've quilted for 40 years or so, and never tried them. I guess my education is sadly lacking.
    It was a lovely thing you all did with your Gramps. A good lesson for your kids, too.

  3. What a special pic of mom, gramps and your aunt. I love that your aunt has been influenced by her very talented niece - she can't have a better teacher.

  4. A very touching story, Lea. Aunt Brenda is doing a wonderful job. I'm sure you were a great inspiration for her. And the picture is priceless.


  5. You're Aunt's quilt is going to be a beauty. How wonderful that your family pulled together to help and care for your Grandfather. I know he could feel how much he was loved.

  6. Awww, that's so sweet! It's always wonderful to draw someone into the quilting XO


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