Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thrifty Thursday

What quilter doesn't love stitching up a quilt from her favorite designer fabrics?  
I could start naming designers but today's post is all about thrifty quilting.  When I started quilting over 20 years ago all of my fabric came from big named stores.  Joann's and Walmart being at the top of the list.   I didn't know quilting shops even existed, let alone that there were designer fabrics.  My first two projects were made from old curtains and sheets.  Whatever I could cut up and stitch into a quilt was fair game.  I've even used Corduroy, because it was free.   Well not much has changed.   All the fabrics below came from Walmart, Joann's, and Hancock fabrics.  Pretty cute little bundle of sweetness!  The red stripe on the bottom is my favorite.  The great thing about Joann's is the coupons.  40 to 60% off everything.  Adding "cheap" fabrics along with designer fabrics can extend the stash without killing the budget.

I found these at a local thrift shop were just to cute to pass up.  I paid $2 for this adorable small bundle.  So are you a fabric snob?  Or do you see all fabric as quiltable?

~ Lea Anne ~
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  1. its all about using what you have and what you LOVE x It would be wonderful if we could all afford to be choosy about only using COTTON fabrics x .. but the rest of us have to use what we have x

  2. I do not care where or who a fabric came from if I touch it and it makes me happy!
    I have thrift store fabric and thrift store cloths that become fabric.
    I have Walmart (not so much now because of quality decline and never finding anyone at the cutting counter)
    JoAnns, Hancock's, and this week the Hobby Lobby opens here and going to check that out. (with 40% off coupons.
    I shop yard sales, estate sales and ......
    I have fabric stash from my Mother and Mother in law .
    I do go to the local quilt shops.... I do buy an inspiration piece or two from them and then build from the stash and above mentioned sources .
    I stoped a couple of magazine subscriptions because all they seemed to be doing was selling fabric collections.

  3. My only concern when I buy fabric is that is the proper quality for the project. If I am making a quilt that I want to be something that will last for years and be the best quality I can make it then I spend a little more on fabric. The quilts that I make for the grandchildren for them to drag around and love on, maybe at not so much cost. I do have a limit as to how thin I will go because whatever I make I do want to know that it will survive at least several washings! My time is worth that much caring!

  4. Quilting cotton is very expensive here in England, I have even bought on-line from America, only if there was no tax, as it still worked out cheaper (even with postage/shipping).
    So yes any fabric is fair game. My friend buys good cotton clothing from (charity shops and car boot sales) thrift stores and yard sales, washes and dismantles it to provide her main stash. personally I believe this is the true spirit of patchworking and love to use scraps, gifted and recycled fabrics as often as possible.

  5. I made my first quilt when I was 9 and it too had a mix of flannels, wool and corduroy. My 4-H leader said it was all wrong and I had to do it over, but thank goodness I am stubborn, because I have been making quilts my way ever since! I use a lot of vintage fabrics, but I do prefer 100% cotton, not matter what the vintage. I do not shop the big box stores for fabric as I like to support my local quilt shops. I know it costs more in the long run, but we have had so many shops here in Maine that have had to close for lack of business, that I feel I must do my part (not all that painful really) to keep them going. I'm not wealthy, I work full time and keep a generous portion of my paycheck for the things that are essential in my life - mostly quilting. Admittedly, I could make another 200 quilts without stepping foot in any shop, large or small, so at this point it is really all about visiting my friendly quilt shops.

  6. Not where fabrics are concerned. Some of my favorite fabric comes from thrift shop men's shirts.

  7. i always look for bargins, that john fabric i made a quilt out of was on sale

  8. I love the quilt store fabric, but it is so expensive. I'd say 75% of my stash is from JoAnn's. It's really about the color and the print and, of course, 100% cotton. Corduroy is cotton... and lends a lovely texture.
    Use what you got.

  9. I love a good find at a thrift shop. I also am always on the look out for fabric at garage sales.

  10. I'm with you all, buy what you can afford at the best quality you can get. I buy online, from Joanns, Hancocks and thrift stores, even cotton clothes from the thrift stores to cut up and use...I love it all and it makes me happy!! My stash is one big mix of fabric goodness!

  11. Beautiful fabrics. I buy on sale most of the time. Our Walmart doesn't have fabric.

  12. I do try to buy the best quality of cottons - really after all the time and effort - I hate to have it fall apart after the first wash. I like to support local business except I no longer have a local quilt shop - I live in the middle of nowhere - the closest quilt store is at least 2 hours away and getting there depends on the weather - so my shopping is mostly online. I have become a very good online shopper - I search for sales and online coupons - you have to be prepared for flash sales at any moment if you are looking for a particular fabric line. I do go a little crazy when I actually go inside a real fabric store - its like overload to my senses - I love it but I can't figure out what to buy because there is so much to look at - but its fun to look and touch.

  13. I am happy to hear about all the different people buying what they find and what they like. I would love to be able to go to and only buy from a local quilt shop; but that is just not my reality. So yes, I buy from Wal-mart and JoAnn's and from thrift shops. To me it is all about doing something you love (quilt) and being able to afford it. I can't believe that all those wonderful Antique Quilts that we see were made by high priced fabrics. Women used what they had to piece together a quilt to keep their families warm or to add decor to their homes. I am not a fabric snob. ;0)


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