Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mini Love Finish

 Have you ever started a project thinking it was going to be a quicky and then it takes much longer?  Well that's exactly what happened.  How could it take two days to finish a 12 x 17 wall hanging?!  Geeesh!  It all started by wanting to use up the scraps from the Amour de Cerise quilt and Simply Sweet table topper.

I surfed the internet for ideas and came up with a plan.  My little mini will include ideas from 3 different quilt designs.  I grabbed my favorite designing tools and with a little help from my printer for the letters ... TADA!

There's a quilt on the frame so I had to quilt this on my regular sewing machine.  And remember my walking foot broke last week.  Well what's a girl to do but take a free motion refresher course.  Oh's so much easier on the quilt frame.  Funny how quickly our muscles forget.   I had some tension issues and my soft flowing feathers were more like squiggles.  

Two days and two needle breaks later we have a finish!  I wanted to use every last piece of the L'Amour Charm pack so I made a nine patch from the scraps then cut it as if I were going to do a disappearing nine patch and used it for the bottom strip.  There's a few fabrics from my stash, but they all play pretty well together.   Now to give her a name, any suggestions?

I love white quilt backs.   Shows off everything, the good and the bad.   Even though the quilting is less than perfect I still love it.  Now that I've blown the dust of my FM on the DM I might try to do a few more minis this year.  

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. well it is well worth the time it took x looks wonderful x

  2. OMG - less than perfect? I'd like to know where. Love your mini and the quilting is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Cute, cute, cute! A perfect little treasure! XO

  4. Lovely! Pretty fabrics and your free motion quilting is great.

  5. Ha! I wish I could free motion quilt like that, very nice

  6. What a cute little basket of Love! Your quilting looks great from here!

  7. How pretty! To answer your question yes I've started "simple" projects that turned out to take way more time than they should have. I'm not great about naming quilts but Love Blossoms came to mind for this sweet little quilt.

  8. How about
    "love is in the air...and on the wall"

  9. Two days isn't it? Very pretty wall hanging. I'd probably go with "Bouquet of Love" as a name.

  10. Too stinkin' cute! How about "Sweet Lovey," you know like the rich dame in Gilligan's Island!! Gotta love that Jim Backus or Mr. Magoo! Lovey and Thurston Howell, III ~

  11. You did great! I love it, your quilting, every thing

  12. I love your Love Bunch, Lea Anne. I can't imagine designing it in two days, much less completing it totally in two days. And your idea for the the bottom border is inspired. I love it, love it, love it.

  13. tension....grrrrrrr
    tension issues creates tension issues!!
    there really should be a little button somewhere on the machine, that just knows what to do when you press it.


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