Friday, May 22, 2015

Itty Bitty Change

Does it surprise you that I've made a few changes to my little quilt plan?  I didn't think so.  Earlier in the week I attached a white border to the center panel of my itty bitty block. you can see it here.  It wasn't tickling my fancy.  A few quick flicks with the seam ripper and a new design idea and TADA....Oh so cute!   

I often design on the fly, not really knowing how a quilt will look.  A general idea is born, then I just let the creativity and playing take over.  This type of designing can produce a few more scraps than having a set in stone plan.   It can also produce many UFO's and WIP's .    I couldn't remember when I started this little project so I did a little digging through my blog and found the original post in August of last year.    Hey that's not too bad!  Not even a year has passed.

Here's sneak peek at the quilting.  I'm at the halfway point.  I'll see you in a day or two for the big reveal of my Itty Bitty Quilt.

Need more inspiration before then?  Well I've just what you need.  Hop on over to these Linky Parties, there's always ton's of it just a click away.

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~ Lea Anne ~
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  1. I like that you only quilted the white squares. It makes the colorful ones more proeminent. And your appliqués look like a very nice complement. I'm looking forward to seeing the whole cheerful quilt!

  2. Love this and hope to see the finished piece soon! I'm a sucker for teeny tiny squares! Beautiful!

  3. I love that feeling, where you have a regular plan that evolves into a brilliant plan :) You're not kidding when you say itty bitty huh? I just finished a project that gook itty bitty to a whole new level for me and it's to date my favorite make. Much the same way this will certainly be your favorite make to date too huh?

    Terri Ann @

  4. Love the sneak peek and looking forward to your reveal. :) I agree with the poster above about quilting only the white squares.

  5. Creativity calls for spontaneity. You're just going with the flow and it looks wonderful. Look forward to the reveal. Thanks for linking to WIPs Be Gone with your progess.

  6. Looks like you came up with a gorgeous alternative plan. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.


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