Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Promenading Tulips questions answered

In the past few weeks I've received  several requests for the pattern of my Promenading Tulips quilt.  If your not familiar with this quilt its at the top of my blog on a yellow truck.  Due to the tulips in the block not being my design I can't share a pattern.  The tulip block is a Lori Holt design from the book Quilty Fun.  You can find the book very easily by doing an online search.  I put her tulips on point and added a center block with set in triangles.   I contacted Lori when  making the quilt to ask about sharing my pattern on my blog using her block.  Understandably she warned me of copyright lawyers.   After putting much thought into how I could share my idea without giving out any of her measurement here's what I came up with....Close ups of the blocks with a little explanation. 

I can't give you the measurements for the center block because if I do I'll be telling you the dimension of Lori's block.  But what I can tell you to help you design your own is.. 
you need 
1. (1) piece of green stem that is the
stem width from the book tulip block width from the book
2. (2) stems that are stems the width from book width of leaf
3. the white pieces are (4) squares that are the width of the leaf from the book

 I made this quilt before her book came out so I no longer have my scribbles and measurements for the set in triangles.  Why keep them if you can't share them! However I can help you with an
 on point online calculator.  
You'll need the unfinished block measurements from the book for the tulip block.
For the triangles above the tulip you need the block width, and for the triangles at the side of the tulips you'll need the tulip block length.

The sashings were made from 2.5 squares and strips the length of the tulip blocks.
POST EDIT on 11/6/15
The scallop border is a technique from the book called Just Around the Corner by Kari Carr.  If your looking for the tutorial you can read more about the corrections here.

I hope this helps. 

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. It's a very pretty quilt.

  2. I love this quilt! I own Lori's book, so I will look into making it. Thank you for trying to share!

  3. Have mercy! You are so talented! I love everything you do!

  4. Sooooo pretty! Is this scrappy, or is this a line of fabrics please?

  5. I noticed that you have a Ceremonial quilt that you made for your Dad. Do you know where you got the pattern. I would like to make a Native American quilt in the Lone Star pattern. Please let me know if you have the time to get back to me. Thank you.

  6. so beautiful and creative! Some one posted your quilt on my facebook page....from another i had to follow the links. I just recently discovered Lori Holt's quilts and have her book....I love how you took a pattern and made it your own!!! Thank you for sharing your explanation on how you created yours! :)

  7. Such a beautiful quilt. Oh what great quilting to bring it to it's grand beauty. You have created a real treasure. Than you for posting.

  8. Absolutely beautiful im one for doing my own designs also.

  9. That border just makes it stand out!

  10. Love love LOVE this quilt. The scalloped inner border is the perfect frame. Awesome job! So creative!


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