Thursday, May 28, 2015

Times a wastin'

Recently I've had a few comments on how quickly my quilts come together.  With statements such as "How do you do get so much done in a day?"  Well I can't make them fast enough is my response to that!  It's all I think about and all I want to do.  However when you live in the middle of nowhere there's plenty to be done.
So I thought I'd share how  I manage my time.  At least for now, I'm always looking for new ways to fit more into my day.

This is the computer in my studio.  NO INTERNET ON THIS ONE.  It's basically for designing quilts and storing my pictures and music.  I had internet in here a few years ago and it was a real time waster.  Don't get me wrong, I love social media but I can kill hours just browsing nothing,   Notice the dust on it?  

TV?  Nope not in my studio.  We have 2 TV's one in the living room and one in the garage.  If I'm in the studio and feel the need for noise, which isn't often, I listen to things that don't require me to stop quilting.  Political talk radio is a one of my favorites, music, and those silly shows on ID also rank pretty high on my TV Faves.  Shows like Wives with knives or 20/20 don't require me to sit and watch, but can satisfy that need for drama.  Most of the time there's nothing, no radio and no TV, just me, myself and I  and my thoughts.

I take breaks from quilting about every hour.  Standing or sitting in one spot for long periods of time is hard on the body, so I try to keep moving as much as possible.  I quilt for an hour, start some laundry, do some cleaning, and then quilt for an hour.  Usually by 10 a.m. or so I'm ready to eat so that means I get to catch up on Social Media.  That's what I'm doing as I write this post, eating my brunch.  Then it's back to quilting until noon.  There's usually a list of things that need to be done.  In the winter it's around the house stuff, in the warmer months it  the gardens.  I'll stay out here until all of the days outside chores are complete. 

By putting mulch around my garden plants I have more time for quilting and less weeding!

But you can always find a few weeds, I'm not as obsessive about gardening as quilting. 

A quick shower and I start the quilting/house cleaning rotation again.

Letting myself be messy in the Studio is also necessary.  I straighten up in here once a week and in between projects.  No reason to keep it super clean that's time wasted.

And one of the most important things for me to stay productive is recharging and relaxing.  There's days when it's busy work all day long, jumping from one project to another.  The mind gets all cluttered with whats next on the list.  STOP, breathe, don't think.  A few minutes on the swing, watching the chickens, or watching the sunset is usually just what a I need to let it all go.  

So really I just stay away from technology as much as possible.    My phone is often in the other room on vibrate.   And the reason is... I work in total silence most of the time.  Sudden noises startle me, that's not a good idea when you work with so many sharp objects.  I've burned and cut myself many times due to that silly phone.  And it can totally mess up free motion work.  I do take it outside with me just encase I need to call 911, but it's usually on silent.  
Well that's it, my uncomplicated day of busy work.  Brunch is over and I need to get back to work!

Lea Anne
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  1. Maybe I could take a page from your schedule. I need to stay away from social media. I'm so used to being on the computer all day because of my last job that it feels "wrong" somehow to ignore it. I need to do that though. I do have a tv in my sewing room but can't afford cable anymore so I mainly just watch the local news. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to try to adapt some of your techniques! XO

  2. I like to watch tv as I quilt/sew/cut - I have a laptop that I have in there which I use Netflix from - I almost always have something on it but I don't always pay real close attention to it. I need the noise - I don't care for silence all the time. I too live in the country and I'm by myself a great deal of the time - I have plenty of time for quilting/reading/gardening and the rest of the time is house chores like you.I do not design my quilts all that much though and not on the computer - I am not good like that with design.

  3. Sounds like your hubby works... mine wants breakfast, and now is a good time for lunch - he really is quite a nag. Good thing about my little sewing room is that he has to stay in the doorway to talk to me.... There is no place for him to sit down.
    I do spend a lot of time on this computer...

  4. What a great post, Lea Anne! I agree with everything. I know I am distractable, so I set things up so I can stay focused. If I am doing something difficult or new, silence is best. My only real issue is remembering to get up and move around, so now I set an alarm for 30-45 minutes.

    It is so inspirational to see how that routine is paying off for you. Hopefully I'll get there too!

  5. you are so organised, I do like either the radio or music or maybe the tv whilst stitching but if I am struggling to understand what I am triyng to do complete silence is needed like Monica. Do tend to sit and sit continuously stitching etc and forget the housework, good thing I live on my own, I stitch in the kitchen which means I feel the need to tidy it at the end of the day, such a waste if time!

  6. I loved this post. You know what you need and you have made a way to do it. A mix of activity and quilting. Sit and recharge time. Physical work, quilting work, balance. The technology thing is a drain, and people forget they can limit it. Do you ever get lonely though? I work at home alone and I think I turn on the tv for background noise as I get a bit lonely. The down time is just as important for me as the actual studio time. Thanks again, mamesake! LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  7. While I spend just a bit more time on line I also limit myself to checking out my favorite sites in the morning when I get up... I am usually up by 6 AM and with a cup of tea (ok a pot of tea) I check out my favorite sites and blogs. I never turn the TV on until I go to bed at night and then I usually have it on while I read a book or go thru patterns and magazines.
    The one thing I do to save my sanity is listen to audio books while quilting, weeding, or driving.

  8. Lea Anne this is a fascinating look into how you accomplish so much. You sure know how to use time wisely. By varying it up the way you do throughout the day,it keeps you from getting worn out too quickly. Very wise! (I say as I sit here at the computer for the third hour today.) I need to take a page from your book!

  9. You are right--technology is a huge time sucker. I'm trying to stay off line and get more done too, but some days it gets away from me. I can't sew in silence,though-- I do my sewing listening to Homicide Hunter, See No Evil, Fear Thy Neighbor, etc.--I'm addicted to that darn ID channel!

  10. You're so right with everything here. I need to unplug from social media way more. It wastes a lot of time! I also like the ID channel when I'm sewing :)

  11. Limiting the computer time is the best productivity booster I've found. I try to limit my on line time to a bit in the mornings and a bit in the evenings. Sounds like you've got a system that works for you.


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